Emergency kits, tips for completing emergency kits that are included in emergency kits for hiking.

Returning to the layout of emergency kits, kits and styling, I will very briefly describe some emergency kits designed for lovers of risky travel in nature. In our many trips, we used an emergency survival kit, made in the form of a wide belt sewn from waterproof material with sewn-on-case pencil pockets sewn from the inside. 

Emergency kits, tips for completing emergency kits that are included in emergency kits for hiking.

In collapsed form, such an emergency set of survival had the dimensions of a book 25 cm long, 12 wide, 8 thick and weighing about 1.5 kg. Lightweight emergency kit, respectively: 20x10x3 cm with a weight of 600 g.

Emergency kits, tips for completing emergency kits that are included in emergency kits for hiking.

Emergency kit contents.

Dry fuel.
Fishing set: hooks, sinkers.
Medical insert potassium permanganate.
Drinking tube.
Signal whistle.
Different wire.
Magnetized needles.
Metal foil of different thicknesses.
Matches are windproof.
Signal cartridge (PSND).
Mosquito net.
Candles in jars.
Signal mirror.
Fishing set .: fishing line, fishing rod.
Beanie hat.
Sterile bandages.
Tablet set.
Mittens are Bologna.
Chemical pencil.
A diary.
Steel rods.
Scabbard machete knife.

In addition to direct use, emergency kits can be used as additional windproof and waterproof clothing and a heat-insulating mat.

Lightweight Emergency Kits.

The following emergency survival kit is for English gentlemen who have decided to test their strength somewhere outside their small country.

Flint and chair.
Magnifying glass.
Threads with a set of needles.
Fishing hooks and fishing line.
Beta crystal.
Wire for hunting snares.
Flexible Saw String.
First-aid medical kit, analgin, antibiotics, anti-allergic, water-sterilizing, antimalarial tablets, potassium permanganate.
Universal blade.
Brackets for joining wound edges.
Condom as a container for storing and transferring water.

When traveling, this survival kit fits into a sealed pencil case the size of a medium-sized book.

Army and Aviation Emergency and Survival Kits.

In addition, there are army and aviation emergency sets made in the form of belts and vests with many detachable pockets, which includes everything you need. Up to flasks of water, portable radios, pistols and bivvy bags. They are completed depending on the place of use of the set.

Desert emergency kit.

Presumes more fresh water and disinfectants.

Polar emergency kit.

Reinforced rations, anti-cold products, including a bag, dry fuel, etc..

Taiga and sub-tropical emergency kit.

Be sure to include a machete. And in all kits there are cartridges for service weapons, and in some even Makarov’s pistol.

Variant of emergency survival kit stored in the handle of a knife.

The last version of the survival kit is packaged in a knife. This work, once ordered by us by one organization, remained unclaimed..

Emergency kits, tips for completing emergency kits that are included in emergency kits for hiking.

The knife is made of stainless steel with a sawtooth notch on the back and a rotary handle, fixed in three positions. This design allows you to increase the working length of the knife blade from 20 cm in the normal position to 28 in saw mode and machete. When the handle is fixed at 120 degrees to the blade, the knife is used to cut table blocks during the construction of snow shelters and tree sawing, that is, the same as an ordinary saw-hacksaw. Fully, that is, 180 degrees, the open handle turns the knife into an ax machete.

A sheath made of polished metal is used as a double signal mirror with a reflection area the same as a standard mirror (2, 3). When the knife is pulled out of the sheath, the reflective area increases by a third. A wire for hunting snares, foil, a survival memo, a map of the area, a flexible saw, etc. voluminous objects are laid in a pencil case on the opposite side of the knife (1), depending on the place and time of travel. The remaining items of the set are stored in pencil cases, containers, arranged in a double handle of a knife.

In the 5th pencil case a small compass.
In the 6th candle or dry fuel.
In the 7th match, silicon, magnetized needles and a large harpoon.
In the 8th – a set of fishing hooks, sinkers and artificial baits.
In the 9th slingshot and drinking pipe.
In the 10th, small harpoons and potassium permanganate.

Number 11 indicates a deep circular groove where fishing line and wire for hunting snares are stored. All canister containers in the stowed condition are closed with covers (4). The protrusion on the blade of a knife (12) is a kind of universal tool kit: a point, a screwdriver, drank nippers and a nail puller. Holes of various diameters are adapted for curving the wire (for example, to make fishing hooks). Of course, the effectiveness of any such emergency survival kit depends not only on the number of items included in it, but also on the ability to handle them.

Based on the book The Great Encyclopedia of Survival in Extreme Situations.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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