Emergency: radiation accident

Radiation accident, as well as chemical – a non-compliance with safety rules. This can be a result of the accident . As a result, there is exposure of the population and environmental pollution by radiation. Do you have any knowledge of the nuclear power plant?

Radiation exposure a person disrupts the work of his internal organs. In addition, under the influence of ionizing radiation, a person develops radiation sickness.

Radiation pollution – The effects of alpha, beta and gamma rays. Radiation of fission products. This is a radioactive slag, fragments of nuclear products, dust. Also, you can become radioactive.

Prepare for radiation

Collect it. In case of any circumstances or other conditions. Ensure that the signaling equipment is in good condition. It can be used in the event of an accident (sealing materials, food, iodine preparations, soda, etc.).

How to act upon notification of radiation radiation

– immediately protect your respiratory organs (scarf, scarf). Hurry home, close all windows and doors. Remove the outerwear and put in a plastic bag, then take a shower. Turn on TV and radio for information and messages from the government. Isolate the room through it. Where you have fixed such cracks.

Make sure you have a tight bag, tightly wrapped. Make a supply of water in sealed containers.

To protect your respiratory system. Cotton-gauze bandage, improvised fabric, pre-moistened with water. Take iodine tablets by tablet. potassium iodide (0.125 g) per day upon receipt of guidance by radio or TV. For children up to four years, threefold. If iodide solution is not needed, then use iodide solution: 3-5 drops of 5% iodine solution per cup of water. For children up to two years – 1-2 drops.

How to act on radioactively contaminated areas

In order to observe the following:

  • Leave the premises only for a short time. Wear protective gloves, raincoat, boots. The smaller areas of your body open, the better.
  • Do not sit on the ground.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not pick mushrooms and berries.
  • Wet cleaning in the house itself.
  • Wash your shoes and clean your outerwear.
  • Use only water from reputable sources. Food buy in stores.
  • Before eating, wash your hands thoroughly, rinse your mouth with a 0.5% solution of baking soda.

How to proceed with the evacuation

When preparing for evacuation, keep caps, film coats, gloves, rubber boots. Collect items of clothing and casual shoes in a suitcase or backpack. There also put the documents, money, one-day supply of food. Then wrap a suitcase or backpack with plastic wrap.

Disconnect all electrical appliances. Throw away all perishable foods. Post the announcement “No one is in apartment No. __ ”on the door. Sign up for a vehicle of If you are not clean.

Emergency: radiation accident

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