Emergency Radio Communication in Puerto Rico: Radio Amateur Report


  • August 25 – Hurricane Harvey goes on land near Rockport, Texas
  • September 6 – Hurricane Irma Hills, United States Virgin Islands
  • September 10 – Hurricane Irma goes to land in Florida
  • September 14 – volunteered for SCF, Surge Capacity Force (approx. Transl.)
  • September 20 – Hurricane Maria goes to the island of Puerto Rico
  • October 6 – Deployment Notice Received
  • October 9 – went to Enniston, Alabama (this was nominated on the 8th, but FEMA postponed departure due to a tropical storm. Such irony)
  • October 13 – Arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • October 20 – sent to Pons, Puerto Rico
  • November 19 – left San Juan in the direction of the house


The 2017 New Year of the Atlantic, the most powerful of all the hurricanees of the Atlantic Emergencies at different times were once more than once (in Puerto Rico for Irma and then Mary).

Puerto Rico became a victim hurricane fifth category Irma, leaving without light 3.4 million inhabitants. FEMA sent 3,200 employees to the island. Restoration work has collapsed. fourth category hurricane Maria. Wind speeds up to 90 m / s. Soon after it was taken, it was completely destroyed:

The effects of the storm were clear, especially from space:

In the outgrowth of the overgrown, there are two shelves. The bathroom was smaller than usual in tourist vans. I bruised my elbow several times in the shower. I have my roommate in the room. For this time, I took up the laundry.

It was easy to determine where the power grid was. Most commercial outlets were lit from generators. Electricians decided to use them. FEMA has focused on supplying generators to places like hospitals.

The rest of my future team emergency radio communication arrived in the next six days. During this time I helped the local emergency communications, He met with the ARRL coordinator of the Restoral, meeting at all the meetings. It was canceled at the last moment. The organization was far from ideal; This is where the fighters (specifically FEMA) would be It is a worldview from the worldview. For a few weeks, didn’t improve the situation. Hospital communication needs were met radio amateurs, associated with the Red Cross and ARRL. FEMA concluded that he issued a satellite phone to the hospital adequately provides communication. No problem what

  1. they should be used outdoors
  2. inside calls do not pass
  3. If you want to know how to dial a phone number, dial it out.

When radio emergency group gathered together (only 10), we have sent offices on the island. On October 20, it was a city on the south coast.

Along the way, we conducted an episodic damage assessment. Try to find whats wrong with these two photos:

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