Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

The subject of the different uses of paracord is interesting, because it focuses attention on the fact that the thinking of survival can be both short and long term. For example, a group of friends who plan to go camping in the woods for a weekend will have a more short-term vision of survival planning.

On the other hand, a family or community that is preparing for the different possible nightmare scenarios (caused by both nature and humans) will have a much longer-term vision of survival. The good thing about this team is that it applies to short and long-term survival planning.

One of the key benefits of paracord is the fact that it is very easy to take it with you. After all, a person’s ability to survive will depend to a large extent on the type of equipment they have with them. Even a person who possesses a lot of survival knowledge will fight, if he just has tools or equipment with him. The best thing about the paracord is that it is about form factors, such as bracelets or key chains, that a person can have on him all the time.

Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

This means that even if you get lost in the forest without your package, or if you find yourself in some other difficult scenario, you will always have your paracord.

The key attributes of paracord.

To better understand how Paracord can be used in survival situations, it can help you learn more about how this material came about and its composition. As its name implies, this cable was originally used for military purposes. More specifically, it was used in the Second World War in the parachutes of the soldiers. This created a series of requirements for this material.

First, I needed to be strong. It would be completely unacceptable for the cable to be used in parachutes that can not handle the weight, not only of the soldier, but also of his weapon and all the equipment with which he was deploying.

Translated to more specific numbers, this meant that the cable type 3 version, which was and is the most common version, had to be strong enough to carry 550 pounds without breaking. That’s a lot of weight, especially given the fairly thin diameter of the cord. This breakpoint of 550 pounds is also the reason why it is sometimes called paracord 550 strings. The cable is capable of achieving this type of force due to its design.

Inside the cable, there are usually 7 to 9 nylon strands. Each strand is composed of 2 more threads that have been twisted, so there are actually 14 to 18 threads inside the string.

Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

Then, the outer jacket of the cable is made from 32 to 36 strands of nylon that have been braided to give it a more enveloping look. This nylon construction is what gives strength to the cable, but also allows the cable to have some flexibility. Flexibility was important for the parachutes during the war because the slight stretch that allowed absorbed some of the impact when it opened to catch the soldier.

In addition to paracord strength and flexibility, it is also important to keep in mind that the material is very light. For example, a type 3 version of the cable that measures 225 feet or 69 meters in length will only weigh a maximum of 1 pound. This was very important because it helped to lighten the load that the soldiers were expected to carry, and this allowed them to save their paracord to use it in other situations.

Nowadays, this light weight is very important because it is what allows the paracord vessels, such as bracelets, belts and laces, to be used comfortably all the time. In addition, the current versions of paracord come in various colors, so the paracord that could lead will look pretty good.

Using paracord to secure the equipment

Due to the versatility of Paracord, there are a lot of possible uses in an outdoor or survival situation. Some of these uses allow a person to install, transport and secure important equipment and equipment. In an outdoor situation, this can be useful for several reasons.

First, the equipment may be missing or broken, forcing you to find some viable solution while away from the nearest store. Second, securing your equipment for transportation is important because you do not want to end up losing things unnecessarily while you are outdoors.

When it comes to how to use paracord, one of the things for which this material is good is to replace lost or broken pieces of equipment or clothing. For example, during the transportation of your store, the lines used to secure the store may disappear or be damaged. This can also happen if the store’s lines are exposed to strong winds or other extreme conditions. If you have a paracord with you, this will be a minor problem because the cable has the strength and flexibility to secure a tent to the ground.

Paracord can also be used for other more portable equipment such as your clothes and bags. The cord is strong enough to be used as a replacement set of shoelaces. It can also be used to replace a damaged belt or bra. In the case of a bra, a cord of the proper length can simply be tied to replace a damaged strap. In the case of a belt, there are two options.

You can use a paracord stretch as an impromptu belt by passing it through the belt loops and tying the ends together, or you can use two pieces of cable as improvised braces. Of the two, the straps will generally be easier to handle, since there is no need to untie and tie the cable during regular use.

Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

It may also be necessary to transfer large stacks of equipment to a lower or higher location, such as climbing a tree or going down a steep slope. Paracord is particularly good for this type of heavy loads due to its breakpoint of 550 pounds. If the load is very heavy, it may be possible to further increase the resistance of the cable by twisting or braiding several paracord assemblies. In the case of having to move the equipment up, you can use paracord as part of an improvised pulley system to maximize the lifting power.

Use of paracord to increase security.

Paracord not only improves comfort and load capacity outdoors. It can also be used in several ways, to increase your safety as an individual or the safety of your group. One of the simplest uses is to use the cord to pull a bear bag towards a tree, far from the reach of most animals. This allows you to transfer food to a separate location from where you or your group are camped.

Animals will not be attracted to the aroma of food in their stores, bags or supplies, and will end up somewhere farther away. The bag will also be out of reach, so your food will remain safe.

Another thing that Paracord can use is to make sure that the different members of your group stay together. Since the cable is very light, it can carry enough so that you can tie people together with the cable, so that it does not impede movement or increase fatigue. This can be particularly useful if you are forced to walk at night and not all have sources of light.

The cable may be enough for all of you to walk in line, within reach of each other. This can also be useful if you are moving through an area where there is a possibility of avalanches, or where the ice appears to be thin. The cable could allow you to find other members of your group more quickly, in case someone is buried in the snow, or in the event that someone falls through the ice.

Paracord can also help with security by allowing you to protect an area of ​​animals or even human intruders. Several trap cables can be configured using the cable, where the lines are attached to things that make noise, such as metal parts, bells or other noise makers. This will allow you to learn more quickly if something or someone comes to your camp, so you can prepare. With more advanced knowledge, it will also be possible to use the cable to configure lines that are intended to impede movement or even set traps for approaching animals.

Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

In the case of a survival situation in which you find almost no outdoor equipment, the paracord can be used to create an impromptu hammock so you can sleep on the forest or the forest floor. This will involve tying and tethering the cable to what is essentially a network, which can then be attached to a series of trees.

In all likelihood, this will not be the most comfortable place to sleep, but the cord’s resistance will help ensure that it does not fall to the ground below. This is particularly important because all kinds of insects, bugs and predators roam the jungle floor at night.

Use of paracord for medical emergencies.

A medical emergency in the comfort of your home is a problem. However, a medical emergency in nature is a much more serious issue. It may not be possible to contact emergency personnel. You may have to find a way to return to civilization, while you take care of a serious injury. In these types of situations, the paracord can also be extremely useful. A use of paracord is in the construction of a splint.

The desert can be a dangerous place, even for experienced types abroad, and injuries from falls that result in broken bones are not at all uncommon. You can build an improvised splint with branches of trees, clothes for filling and paracord to unite everything in a stable structure. Done correctly, the splint can help prevent major injuries and allow some movement, so that more help can be found.

In certain cases, a person may become ill or be seriously injured, so walking is no longer an option for that person. To be able to transport it, at a higher speed, it is possible to create an improvised stretcher. The poles can be made of longer tree branches, ski poles or any similarly strong equipment. The main material of the stretcher can be made of canvas or even some types of clothing, such as jackets, which can then be supported and tied with a paracord.

In the unfortunate event that there is no such clothing or material available, it may be possible to create the main material of the stretcher from the paracord itself. The cable will simply have to be connected to the poles, and then run from one to another, similar to a cord pattern. Although it may not be the most comfortable surface to place, the priorities in this case are the prevention of new injuries and rapid transportation.

It is also important to keep in mind that the paracord can be cut to access the thinnest and finest strands inside. These can be used in additional ways. For example, if a person has been injured and the injury needs to be sewn, it may be possible to use the inner nylon strands as improvised suture material.

Simply open the cord sleeve to access the internal threads, and then unwind these so you can use only a single thread. However, this will require access to a needle or something very similar, so it will be a good idea to keep one or two needles in your emergency supplies.

Using Paracord to find food.

Some survival situations last only a day or even less. However, there are also situations in which people need to survive in adverse conditions for much longer. It will soon become clear that a way must be found to find food, otherwise the situation will deteriorate rapidly. In a scenario like this, Paracord could also be very useful. If you or your group are located near a body of water, you may be able to catch fish. In this case, the paracord will be cut to access the thinner internal threads.

These can be used as improvised fishing lines. Then it may be possible to carve fishing hooks from wood, create decoys using cloth or shiny metal, and use a branch such as a fishing rod or stake to which the line is attached.

Far from the water, it is also possible to create basic traps and other traps to catch small animals. Once you have identified where small animals are likely to pass, there are several ways to prepare the traps. A simple box trap can be created using an internal strand of the paracord, which has the shape of a rope that is then supported by sticks and anchored to a safe place. With a little time and a careful choice of location, this could allow someone to capture and eat small animals.

Emergency Uses for Paracord: Paracord Uses From Survival Perspecrive

If you find yourself in a place that seems to have nests of birds or edible fruits in the trees, a paracord can be useful in several ways. It may be possible to use the cord connected to a makeshift hook to remove a nest or fruit from a tree, or drag it from its position to the ground. A more risky proposal is to create an improvised rope ladder that can then be used to climb to where the nest or fruit waits.

However, keep in mind that, although the paracord is designed to carry heavy loads, it may still be possible, especially in the case of lower versions produced for the civil market.

Therefore, it is important to be very cautious before committing a particularly heavy load or the weight of a human being, only paracord. In certain cases, it may be better to braid several cables together, or to make use of additional means of support. While it is important to find new sources of food, it is also vital to avoid injuries, especially serious ones.

There are many more use options.

When it comes to the various uses of paracord, these examples are only the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of other uses, which affect the convenience, comfort, safety, security, nutrition and other factors of a person, while they are in nature.

Since the paracord is so light and conveniently available in many factors, there is absolutely no reason for anyone who is interested in survival not to have a paracord on their person. You could use a paracord bracelet or a cord or paracord wallet. You never know when that cable could get you out of a jam or help save someone’s life.


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