Emergency: volcanic eruption

Volcano – They are active, they are falling apart, and they are in shape.

The main parts of the volcanic apparatus:

  • Magma chamber (in the crust or upper mantle);
  • The mouth – an outlet channel through which magma rises to the surface;
  • Cone – elevation of volcanic ejection;
  • Crater – the cone of the volcano.

Modern volcanoes are located along with large mobile faults and tectonically mobile regions. On the territory of Russia, active volcanoes are: Klyuchevskaya Sopka and Avachinskaya Sopka (Kamchatka). It has been shown to be replaced by the volcano. Volcanic eruption may be accompanied by earthquake.

How to prepare for a volcanic eruption

Watch for warnings about a possible volcanic eruption. You will save your life if you leave the dangerous territory in time. There are smoke dampers. Put the cars in the garages. Place animals in enclosed spaces. Autonomous power, water, food for 3-5 days.

How to act during a volcanic eruption

Protect the body from stones and ashes. It can be used for volcanic eruptions, for example, flooding or mudflow.

How to act after a volcanic eruption

Cover the mouth to prevent ash inhalation. Wear safety glasses and clothing to prevent burns. The car’s failure. Remove the overload and destruction.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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