Emergency warming up Navy SEALs

Check your clothes. You will find out how you feel and how to breathe. But you will not know if you can save your life. You can only accept the words of the manufacturer.

But if you – Special forces fighter, For example, “fur seal”, it is not necessary to ensure that your gear is capable of. How do you need to be in the most difficult conditions.

And then there is a training session. emergency warming.

“It was supposed to depict incidents

Says John, an Alaska survival instructor.

If you’re getting wet, you’re getting wet. It is very cold. How to keep warm? How to dry things and continue to perform the task? “

Training Goes as follows: After a three-hour patrol of water for about twelve minutes. And here they come out, leaving wet marks, trembling all over.

Suppose you got wet in nature. How will you behave? What will you do to dry out and warm up? If you’re trying to dry it up, then it’s possible to use it. Remember, the wind cuts like a knife. Baking and drying them.

“To bring the situation under control.”

This is how John Teaches “seals” to act in this setting. Wet, shaking special forces are divided into pairs, you can go through the warmth layers of the PCU, ECWCS or other systems. While it’s a snowy summer night After that, they will go to sleep bags, wait for the water to boil. It is a spoonful of dried chili. Under the roof, it’s a bit slower. It was warm and it was clear that it was cleaned out. layered system really works.

It is possible to create a significant amount of heat that can be applied to your body. even when wet, and with the same sleeping properties – along with ventilated tents. The bodies themselves are exposed to heat, water, heat, water, cooling, heat, water, water, heat, water, water, heat, water, water, heat, water

“Sophisticated clothing system. Its components interact in the most difficult conditions. It is at least too much. “

It would be a wisely chosen link of clothing, seriously undermines the performance of the entire system. It wasn’t made up of cold water. It can not lead to a deplorable result.

“Most people can’t believe at first. We once trained in their presence. These are the equipment for the army. Have not heard. What do you think?

But John is not limited to this. He created an exercise for dynamic warming.

Like the protocol described above, crawl out and cover with warm layers. But after that, they’re not going to be able to travel. After drying, the layers and the intermediate layers dry. An hour later, the camp is set up, and the fighters climb into the sleeping bags. Water is boiled and ration is heated to restoreism and completely dry things.

“The purpose of these workouts is understanding of equipment, gaining experience and confidence in handling them. The tool works on the task. But do not take the word for others. Try it for yourself. It would be fun. “

At the training session, you’re on hand. Therefore, do not jump into the hole headlong, taking no precautions. If you want to test your equipment, make sure you’ve got to Will be felt.

Original article – The Darkroom: A Navy SEAL Rewarming Drill

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