Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

We all know what a whistle is and how to use it. Most of us even had more than one piece during childhood, imagining that we were a referee training the football team. An emergency whistle is more than a toy; It is a team that could save your life in case of emergency. Imagine the following situation: you are climbing a mountain with your friends and, suddenly, the earth moves under your feet and disappears into a hidden gully.

Your voice is not strong enough to reach the surface and you are the heart. How do you help your friends to find you when you can not move or scream? If you have an emergency whistle with you, the situation is saved! These things are designed to withstand a violent fall and can be heard from long distances. By following the sound of your whistle, your friends or a rescue team can find it on time.

Another emergency situation in which an emergency whistle is very useful is in case of a natural disaster. Floods, earthquakes and tornadoes are quick and eliminate everything in their own way. Here you can see how to prepare for a natural disaster. If a natural disaster catches you and you end up trapped under a fallen building or if you get trapped inside the house without any hope of leaving, an emergency whistle may be your last chance. The rescue teams can not hear your voice through all the noise that the rescue machines make and the general chaos, but the high-pitched whistle sound is easier to perceive.

Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

Regardless of the place and the situation, you should always have your whistle: on the street, in the club, at a business meeting. You may never know when an emergency occurs. A simple and charming day that started quite regularly can become a nightmare in a matter of seconds, so do not count on the fact that you have an emergency whistle somewhere, at home.

Keep it at hand, not in the bottom of your large bag or suitcase. Let’s say you walk down the street and some thugs drag you to a corner and ask for your money (or something worse). If you have your whistle on hand, you can make yourself heard and perhaps have the opportunity to get out of this situation safely.

Situations where the emergency whistle saved lives.

As you can see in the scenarios we described earlier, emergency whistles are excellent in any bad situation. If you want a more general characterization of the situations when you can really use these whistles of wonder, here it is:

  • Survival situations:  As you can see in the history of mountain climbing, carrying a whistle when doing outdoor activities is a cheap and simple way to help other people find your location. Three short beeps are recognized internationally as a distress signal, so be sure to remember that when you need help.
  • Situations of natural disasters: When a natural disaster occurs, it is better to be prepared, since they do not like to wait. Having an emergency whistle with you is part of your basic disaster preparedness. Again, if you need the rescue teams to know that you are hurt and can not move, this small team can give it to you.
  • Crime prevention: Here we make reference to the history of the bullies we talked about earlier. These guys try to operate with absolute discretion and do not like to attract attention. A whistle blow will definitely stop working and you will not be able to use it against you as with a weapon or other defensive weapon. If you want more information on urban survival, take a look at our article.
  • Scared animals: dogs have a very sensitive hearing and the high notes of the whistle will scare them. This is extremely useful when you worry that a dog wants to bite you.

Nobody wants to be in a bad situation, but these things happen. It is better to be prepared and this small device is a first big step for your preparation. Try putting it on your keychain or car keys to have it on hand. Also teach your children about how and when to use them. Many kidnappings of children did not happen because of these little things. It’s time to start thinking about your safety and the safety of your loved ones! Stop thinking that nothing bad can happen or if something is going to happen, someone will be there to help you. Be responsible for your personal defense!

A good emergency whistle will be heard through ambient noises for a long distance to let people know that you are in trouble. Besides, it will never fail. A GPS system can run out of battery or lose the satellite signal, a phone can also lose the signal or fall without a charged battery, but there will always be a whistle for you.

How to choose the whistle you need?

Finding an emergency whistle can be a bit intimidating given that there are many offers on the market. Producers love to praise their products and try to convince you that theirs is the best. If you do not have the basic information, you can choose the incorrect one.

Here are some things you should know when choosing your emergency whistle:

  • It has to be noisy and you do not have to work hard when you ruin it. You never know when he will end up hurt and he can not blow his whistle with his maximum lung capacity. The whistle must be capable of producing a sharp and penetrating sound that will be heard at long distances and over other noises.
  •  It has to be tough. You never know what kind of situation you may end up with, so you need a whistle that will resist freezing and deterioration. Regular whistles need certain conditions to work properly, but when it comes to emergencies you can not be demanding with the conditions. You need a whistle that works as well in Antarctica as it will in the depths of an abyss.
    Also make sure that the material is shock resistant. If you fall and break, you will not be able to use it. Do not buy metal whistles if you are in a cold temperature environment, it will stick to your lips.
  • It can not get stuck or exaggerated. Our recommendation is to choose a whistle without peal. Because they have no moving parts, this type of emergency whistle will not get stuck and can not be overstated. The stronger you blow, the stronger the sound will be. A whistle with a pea loses its effectiveness when dirt and moisture enter. If the pea gets stuck, the sound will not come out anymore. With a security whistle without a bell, you will not have to worry about this anymore.
  • It is easy to find. A whistle is a small thing that can be easily lost. That’s why you need a whistle that you can attach to something or just carry it around your neck. There are many designs of whistles that allow you to use it as a bracelet or even as a ring to have it near you all the time. Make sure that, if you use it around your neck, use a cord that breaks under pressure. You can also learn how to make a paracord cord if you want something more special.
    You do not want a bully to use it against you and you end up strangled with your own safety rope. A brightly colored whistle will also be easier to find when looking through a lot of small things. Try bright orange or phosphorescent green, these are the easiest colors to detect.

These are the main characteristics that you should look for in a safety whistle. Now let’s talk about some emergency whistles that we trust and consider efficient enough to recommend to our readers.

Emergency whistle review and recommendations.

In this section we will talk about some of the best products on the market and we will let you know our opinion and that of the people who use them. In this way, you will definitely know which one you like the most.

Whistle UST JetScream

This is a very loud whistle (it can reach 122 decibels) so we decided to put it at the top of our list. You can say (without equivocation) that this is one of the strongest whistles in the entire world. Its squeal goes through the noises with which we usually deal with every day, such as talking, walking, parking noises, driving a car or even an industrial turbine.

Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

The people who have tried it all agree that their ears were still ringing a day after playing this whistle, as high as it can be. He is the perfect friend when you go on an adventure or when you send your children alone to school. A blow on this whistle will definitely attract all the attention around.


  • The whistle is made of high strength plastic, so it does not rust
  • It is approximately 2.3 inches (5.8 cm) long
  • Its weight is about 8.5 g (0.3 oz)
  • It comes in two colors: black and orange. The orange is easier to detect.
  • It rises to 122 db and can be heard over natural and artificial noises.
  • It is able to float so that in case it is in the water, up to its neck, the whistle will be easy to reach.
  • Design without tone that means you will not get stuck in any way
  • It is easy to carry in your pocket, on your keychain or around your neck due to its compact design.

The only disadvantage of this whistle is your lung strength. If you really want to get to 122 db you need to put all your strength into it. Anyway, if you can not hear it so loud, the sound will be heard from a long distance. This is the whistle to have when something bad happens.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.

Storm of safety against the weather whistle

The Storm All Weather is another great emergency whistle that can qualify for the strongest whistle of the world prize. It is so strong that the people who tried it had to cover their ears while blowing it. Some even decided to add a pair of earplugs to their emergency kit in case they need to use the whistle.

Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

With this kind of whistle at your disposal, you do not have to worry about people not listening to you.


  • It’s 75% stronger than a referee’s whistle.
  • It can be heard underwater at a depth of 50 feet
  • It comes in one color: orange (it’s very easy to find in a lot of other things)
  • It can be attached to other things such as key chains, backpacks and laces
  • It is approved by the Seals of the Navy and the Coast Guard.

The only complaint that people had regarding this whistle is that it is too strong. In this case, when the negative review is actually a highlight of the best quality of the whistle, you know that you have found the correct one. Take it with you wherever you go. It could save your life.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Fox 40 sonik blast whistle CMG

The Fox40 Sonik Blast CMG is an incredible whistle for any situation. You can use it as a lifesaver, as an arbitrator or in an emergency.

Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

Besides being noisy, its main advantage is that it is very easy to blow. Even a person with asthma can make this whistle reach its full potential. Also the rubber band at the bottom makes it extremely pleasant to use. Your lips will not stick to the material and you can clean it very easily.


  • It can reach up to 120 db or more and you do not need to put all your power into it.
  • It is easy to blow
  • The sound is sharp and you can hear about nature sounds more than a mile away
  • Made of high impact ABS plastic, which means it will never rust or break
  • Design without parts and without moving parts: no clogs or sound obstructions of any kind
  • The stronger you blow, the stronger the sound.
  • It can be heard on sounds like motor racing tracks, football stadiums, airports and other crowded places.

Due to its compact design, material and color, the Fox40 Sonik Blast CMG is one of the emergency whistles that we would recommend to everyone. It is very easy to use and difficult to mess up.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Vargo emergency titanium whistle with rope.

This whistle is made of the hardest and lightest material on the planet: titanium. Due to its composition, the whistle will not break regardless of the situation and age. Also the emergency whistle Vargo is a design without peal, which means that there is no jam. The sound produced by this whistle reaches 100 decibels and more.

The cord allows you to use it around your neck or simply attach it to your belt, backpack or key ring. As you can see, this safety whistle has all the required attributes:

  • it is light;
  • It is easy to find, thanks to the attached cable;
  • It is noisy and if you have large and powerful lungs you can do it as loud as you want;
  • it will not get stuck due to the design without peal;
  • It is resistant since it is made of titanium.

The main complaints recorded by this whistle were the fact that it is not made in one piece. There is a small part of plastic inside that, if it falls, the whistle will no longer work. Also, the cord is a bit tough on the skin if you use it around your neck.

Emergency Whistle: How to Choose The Best One

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

These are the main products we would recommend to anyone who is interested in having any additional help in case of an unpleasant scenario. Of course, there are other incredible whistles on the market and if you are satisfied with the one you already have, there is no need to change it. Just make sure you are heard over the ambient noises.

The best way to test your emergency whistle is to go to a noisy environment like a park full of kids running and screaming. Take a friend with you and have him stand at the other end of the park with his ears wide open. Play the whistle as loud as you can and ask the friend if he heard it. If the answer is affirmative, then you have a guardian. Children usually make loud noises and have sharp voices, so you should try your whistle there. If you can hear through that, a rescue team will definitely listen to you.

The final conclusion here is that emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night and you should be prepared. An emergency whistle will definitely get you out of a lot of trouble, so when you find the one you like, keep it close. Also give it to your children and wife and tell your friends.


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