Encryption of radio communications at home and on vacation

Hardware encryption in civil communications is not available. But you can’t listen to your family and / or friends. Why it may be necessary? So that you just discovered. To avoid the rush in the department where the sale began. Idlers idlers.

Communication equipment

First of all, we are talking about. Radio stations, radio stations, or simply radio stations; VHF – LPD, PMR, FRS, KDR, PRS, SLPR, SRRS, MURS, and the like.

Equipment on the HF, “C-bi”, about 27 MHz, we do not take into account. He has a lot of fun in his life. track. If you are on the radio channel, you can choose. And you will interfere with each other. Well, if you can agree – and if not?

It is possible to follow the rules of the radio station. It is not a good idea. It is not a problem. In these words, it’s not a problem. If they have the code turned on or not. In addition, it is your radio station that receives the signal.

It has been noted that it has been a direct link to the law of nature. For the same reasons, it’s not a bad thing.

He was a radio station, he was a radio station and he was a radio station. What are the practical conclusions from this? I’m not sure if I’ve been If this is also true, it’s true if you’re there.

Communication topics

“Where are you going?”, “Where are you going?”, “Where are you going?”. By virtue of the above-mentioned features of communication equipment, the ability to be overheard is very high. It’s not a problem. Just because your personal affairs no longer concern anyone.

It will be a matter of fact. For the discussion of the following issues: – location – movement – time – personalities – the actual communication process

I love you and I’m a little girl who wants to go for a sport multisports meeting and the like.

There are lines where you can find your route. Then you can spend your time on foot, by hire a boat or water bike, on a local shuttle bus. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be able to relax.

The list may include both “standing in line” and “helping to catch a mad chipmunk”. Be sure you are looking for “the loss of the opponents”, etc. abnormal situations. It is a two-minute, one-six-hour, two-three-hour, one-half-hour, two-hour, two-three-hour number. It can be a need to clarify.

Phrases such as “repeat the message”, “channel interference” and “go to the spare channel” may be required. It is clear that the coded message is pronounced by the law of the interlocutor.

Secret writing

We need to be encrypted. It is a list of textbooks and there is no-repeated letters. Thus, it has been noted that there has been a number of letters. SLIDEX, SPRECHTAFELN and TDR systems.

For example, we’ve been using this table for:

EL DL GJ DL EL DK EI CJ BK CM – “Lesha, here is Sasha. What have you got there? Sasha, this is Lesha. I will be there at 11. ”
FM GL A GLI – “Petya, this is Vasya. Lost you in the crowd, where are you? Confirm with a password. Vasya, this is Peter. I’m listening to the concert. We will be here for another half an hour. Password 1. “

For all those phrases, there are signs, there are shortcuts, and you can’t call it. But we do not care. We can use the same two days. For each of them we’ve been lazy to mess around.

How to use

He added that he wasn’t in touch with his cell phone. Without raising your voice, measuredly and clearly.

DLDJDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDTDKJ Golf lima foxtrot mike golf kilo alfa juliet charlie indie golf mike golf november.

We print out the tablet, laminate it. You can follow the instructions below.

It’s not a problem. Subcodes and subtones in the radio do not include. It’s not a problem.

It will not be a rule. VOX function is disabled, as unnecessary. We always carry extra batteries with us.

Enjoying the game of spies.

Encryption of radio communications at home and on vacation

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