End of the world: “Oh, everything!”, Or is it not so scary?

It is always a matter of course. The familiar world. It was a scouring of the water. It is a sudden accident. It is a question of whether everything is dependency.

End of the world – it is often a sharp increase in the effort required to survive.

Change of customary values, both material and spiritual. This is a question about the quality of the paper. If you’re thinking about

Steel brooch with emerald, simply because of the quality of the metal. If you’re in the middle of a rainbow, you’ll be able to make it. Well, or use natural needs.

For example, it is not necessary to find out, for example, to find out, for example, to find out, to order, to find out, to order, and to order. The spiritual values ​​were mentioned above. For all your strength for your OWN. You’ve been throwing money, you’ve been throwing money.

And they need to win. Earn. If you’re previously dispersed Now you can be your last.

End of the world – This is a sharp increase in caution, fear in humans. Anyone careless With all outgoing. For your life, it should not be a problem. It is a concept of the world.

Yes, it will be harder to replenish stocks. Well, you can: by hunting, fishing, collecting, useful or edible plants, mushrooms. If you’re a smart and advanced automation, you can’t get it. It can be useful in return. After all, your skills are a product that you produce.

But now you are sitting in a cozy, heated room. It is a cup of tea or even a bottle of beer. Music is playing from the speakers; someone is writing to you on a social network or on skype.

It’s not worth it. Wrapping a dirty rag into a blanket. If you want to eat your meal, you’re caught rat. Ignore the warnings when you are ready for the worst turn of events. Otherwise – learn.

End of the world: &# 171; Oh, that’s it!&# 187; or not so scary?

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