End of the World September 23, 2017 – prediction of an unknown monk

Grind the next “terrible” news. Yet another End of the world – Another terrible prediction of the past. About which there really is no information. But we were not lazy and buried in these “authentic facts” completely. So.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll be … So, if you talk about the prophet The end of the world, then we get the following.

Revelation 12: 1-2. “The sign of the light. Under the feet of her feet, topped with a crown of 12 stars. ”
(translation is free, our own).

Nothing new, in short. Biblical texts are “incredible mysteries of the universe” and answers to “all the questions of the universe.” It is only necessary to correctly interpret them. What, in fact, didn? And Comrade Gipan, most likely, was among them. It’s not true that it’s not. The surrounding stars.

After reviewing the astrological tables, it was on September 23, 2017, that it was quite possible. Virgo, Leo (9 stars), will be something like a “crown”. Well, how to form … However, the conditions for the prophecy are met. And, of course, such an astronomical phenomenon MUST mean something. End of the world, at least – it’s very rare. It happens every 7000 years.

Well, then went fantasy. What we can cause End of the world? Any global war. And climatic catastrophe. Hurricanes, for example. Well, earthquakes are boring, volcanic eruptions too. But for a long time have not been seen. So let them be responsible for the “next” death of mankind. The monks had a good fantasy, very good.

So, if we discard speculation and nonsense. Yes, September 23, 2017 it is possible to observe the unique astronomical phenomenon. It will be possible to observe how many years. And, in fact, everything. As for the Third World War, even the 20th century.

So, dear readers, stop listening to various prophecies. If you’ve been the one who wasn’t mistful with the hypocrites, they were. However, no, such happiness, we can not wait.


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