Endurance Training: What exercises are needed?

The system has been selected for the training of vehicles for There is a wide range of exercises. Let’s look at it in order.


  • Rhythmics

    It is a military, so-called “parade” exercises. It is not a true state of the body, while it has been, for one, it is contrary, it is a way of To understand the old adage: “As you look, you feel so.”


    There are few such exercises. With a certain amount of sports rage. An example would be a short quick punch or jerk. The energy is generated and the energy is generated. Therefore, it is important that this type of exercise doesn’t depend on your breathing. Anaerobic exercise is very effective because, unlike aerobic exercise, it produces only 10% of the available energy. It was not used during the 100 m race. The person is able to run a short distance. Some doctors believe that he often had to flee from predators, making a lightning sprint.


    It is clear that these exercises are clear. Aerobic exercises (rowing, cycling and swimming, races for 800 and 1500 m and, of course, a marathon) require endurance and full energy. Aerobic exercises help develop and strengthen the heart and lungs, thus improving overall physical fitness.


    This is a type of training. Periods of intense exercise, achieving maximum efficiency. It is a fact that during the short period of time, it has been found that there has been a reduction in the amount of heat that has been taken.


    It is a training session. It was a period of time.


    A result, performance. It develops the muscles of the body, such as the rectus abdominis muscle, which protects the solar plexus from impacts.


  • For the development of the general endurance, Therefore, it is advisable to run 2-3 times a week; swimming – long swims, at least 15-30 minutes; cross-country skiing; cycling or exercise on a stationary bike; jumping with a rolling pin, various sports games (like football). Cardiovascular and respiratory system increases, training should not be more intense. It should be remembered for a few weeks after the body has ended.
  • In addition, there are mixed practices that develop. So you can accelerate, run in a ragged rhythm. There is no need for special care.
  • By using intermittent training, it can be replaced by periods of active restoring, breathing exercises, stretching exercises. For example, 1 minute (with an increase in the rate of 3-6 minutes), then you do stretching for 3 minutes. And so a few approaches. Such training develops both aerobic and anaerobic endurance of the body.
  • Another similar exercise is a 100-meter run, Three minutes of practicing punches (kicks), a minute for stretching, and so several approaches. Three-minute rounds.
  • Sparring with the tree in the forest for 30 seconds – for a few seconds, for a few seconds.
  • Running up the stairs, backing up the stairs, returning back on foot or jogging. And so several times. Such training can be conducted on a hill in the mountains.
  • Running in place: Run a minute with your speed as possible. Then breathing exercises, stretching. Take a few approaches.
  • “Circular” training for the development of endurance. For example: pushing 30-50 times, then squat 50-100 times, pushing up again complete legs ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma, fourth, It can be carried out at home. The number of exercises you need.

Physical training

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