Endure Survival Pen: Titanium Pen for EDC

There is a possibility for a long time. For survival. Endure Survival Pen. That’s right, its functionality is not limited to the function of the letter.

So, the characteristics and functions of this pen:

  • LAMY M22 - Rod, suitable for Endure Survival PenLAMY M22 – Rod, suitable for Endure Survival Pen

    Firstly, it is made of titanium, LAMY M22 rods are suitable for it.

  • She can dig, but you can not dig.
  • It can be seen as a ferrocerium rod.
  • It is also included in the set.
  • The handle can be used as a cullet.
  • Handle can painfully poke the offender.
  • This is a small device – a rocket launcher for launching light flares or fireworks. Well, really, why not?

Summarize. Endure Survival Pen – a very convenient and compact set, which EDC lovers will definitely pay attention to. If you’re not on the market, but it’s not too much is left!


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