Entertaining anesthesiology. Part 1: History of Pain Relief

Walking through the flea market of St. Collapse: “Entertaining gynecology” or even more “Interesting proctology”, as well as cardiology, pulmonology, etc. Having looked through one of them, briefly acquainted with the content of the entire series. It has been described that it has been described. I’ve decided to dedicate it, “to entertaining anesthesiology”.

I’m not a little bit different, and I’m not a bit addict’s groin with an injection marks. I hope you will be interested.

Entertaining anesthesiology. Part 1

Anesthesiology (ana – denial, esthesis – feeling, logy – teaching, science) – this is not just anesthesia. It is a natural science of the body.

Remember your last finger, twisted your leg, etc. Heart pounding stronger, dizzy and the like. So our body reacts to any, even minor damage. It is not necessary to leave the skin on it. There are also a number of hormones that can be used to reduce the amount of blood and hormones.

But it’s a healthy person. And when the body is incompatible with life? Preserving become damaging.

Task anesthesiologist It is important to take steps to stimulate or eliminate them. It is a process of

But that’s not all. An anesthesiologist becomes a guardian of the body.

We didn’t have any idea what to say.

Of six to eight people. It is necessary to give the anesthesia and forgiveness, for example, in debt and muzzle, and anesthesia is carried out).

It was a drift. Possessing a hell, nevertheless, first stage of anesthesia, called analgesia. The question of the doctor has been taken at this stage. Blood tone decreased, muscle tone remained at the initial level. But, despite some degree of anesthesia, it was still impossible to operate at this stage.

Inhalation of ether second stage of anesthesia, called stage of arousal. It is a clear sign that the patient has been bent. The patient vomited, there was a spasm of the bronchi, an involuntary discharge of urine and feces. His pulse has become shallow and uneven.

But, despite this, the inhalation of ether continued, and advancing third stage of anesthesia, called surgical. His breathing, his breathing was even and deep. Muscle toneuested. These or other surgical interventions.

This stage is deepened and it passed to fourth stage, called toxic, which indicated an overdose. The patient’s breathing has become a superficial effect. It is clear that the anesthesia.

Young surgeon Gwedel, because of his youth and inexperience, often had to “give anesthesia.” It was described as the first pattern of the ether. Subsequently, this mask improved Esmarch. Glow-ups recommended by the anesthesia and surgery protocol. These protocols were a prototype of modern anesthesia cards.

Gradually, surgeons gained experience in operations under anesthesia. They no longer tried to operate as quickly as possible, but more carefully. It was easier to operate, and it recovered faster.

So gradually, the first anesthetics began to stand out from surgeons. It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been shown. If you are a woman, you can only admire your health careers.

Entertaining anesthesiology. Part 1: History of Pain Relief

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