Equipment for work in extreme conditions

It is a fact of life. There are several points of “gentleman’s set” that need to be paid attention to.


1. Headlamp with optional LED

I recommend the lights Petzl. Brand proven by time. For example, the model Tikka Plus2. Powered by AAA batteries. Additionally, you need to have a set of batteries of 6 sets. Enough for a long time. The contacts should be insulated. For example, you can avoid contact with metal surfaces.

2. Flask for water with 1 liter minimum

I recommend a plastic flask. It doesn’t absorb odors. You can buy in the company “Splav.” If not actively moving.

It is possible to draw it through primary filtration using a handkerchief. Signing the flask needs to be wrapped up.

3. Light metal thermos with a capacity of 0.5 liters

It’s possible to get hot drinks at a food service point. In the absence of a hot drink, it is used as an additional water tank. I recommend Tatonka, Thermos.

4. Multisubject folding knife or small multitool

It is the best time to have a red handle. Be sure, in addition to the two blades, the presence of scissors, corkscrew, bottle openers. Cut, cut, make holes, open cans, etc. Keep in mind – not all multitools have a corkscrew.

5. Several large safety pins

One on the bag, one on the bag, one on the bag, one on the bag. Fixing dresses and other uses.

6. Paper handkerchiefs (3 packs)

This is your toilet paper. Enough for 3-4 days, without extreme.

7. Gas lighters: one with piezo, one with flint

Have it, even if you do not smoke. One duplicates the other. Not always silicon can catch fire.

8. Climbing cord with a diameter of 4-5 mm and a length of 5 meters or paracord

To tie, tie, fix, carry, lower, lift. You can buy in the “Fusion”.

9. Adhesive plaster in a roll

The best is that used by sports doctors. Widest use: from medical purposes to fixing objects. Keeps tight.

10. Trash bag of maximum displacement and density

Raincoat for building a temporary shelter. Almost does not take place.

11. Metal mug with a volume of at least 0.5 liters and a spoon

With thin, single walls. Such a mug is more convenient than a kettle, and more versatile than a bowl. Dousing and getting burned. You can drink, pour water into a flask. It can be used as a container for transporting small items, etc. In the absence of a spoon, you can drink water over the edge. Can be supplemented with a thermomug Ideally, a small mug will fit into a large mug.

12. Cloth handkerchief

It is used for its water filter, dressing. It is washed easily, dries quickly.

13. Climbing carbine with clutch

For attaching yourself, things to technology, support. As a handle for lifting, lowering and carrying goods.

14. Condom

It can be used even if it can be ignored.

15. Small pocket mirror

Inspection of the contact lenses, inspection of the invisible body parts,

16. Work gloves with pimples

To protect hands from external influences, dirt, rust, etc. After use – discarded.

17. Gel antiseptic for hands

For personal hygiene and intestinal diseases.

18. Nurofen, Pentalgin, Enterol, Mezim and Aquatabs

On 3 tablets, a yellow egg from a kinder-surprise. Lie in your pocket. Does not replace the basic first-aid kit!

“Nurofen” – painkiller (from the head). “Pentalgin” – painkiller and antipyretic (for cold). “Enterol” – intestinal disorders. “Mezim” – to improve digestion while eating coarse and unusual food. “Akvatabs” – for water disinfection.

It is impossible to confuse. It is a scaffolding pattern.

19. Plastic slippers

Cheapest and lightest. Bought in “Auchan” or on the market. For indoor walking.

20. Microfiber Towel

For personal hygiene. Compact, absorbs a lot of moisture, dries quickly, easy to wash. You can buy in “Splav”, “Decathlon”. From morning washing to bath.

Everything must be signed. What needs to be packed in containers or pouches. For breakfast with four side latches. They are transparent and tight. Small things can be decomposed into pockets.


Clothing must be multi-layered. This gives you the ability to respond to environmental changes and regulate comfort. It’s cold – got dressed. Heat – undressed. In addition, it creates an additional air gap. The best heat insulator is air. Many layers are warm. Legs freeze for less torso. Forearms freeze more legs. The vest can be worn under a moisture-windproof jacket. It is better to wear a wind-resistant jacket. So warmer.

Quickly. In case of extreme conditions, there is always a chance to get wet. Therefore, it shouldn’t be worn down by yourself or by the wind. Never hang out of the flame. Chances are all burn or irrevocably spoil.

Thinking of yourself in your hands. Do not spend a lot of time washing. They can be washed quickly. So …

Clothing for spring / autumn in the middle lane

21. Thermal underwear

Wool or Primaloft. Thermal underwear made from wool – the brand “Bask”, from Primaloft – the brand Montero.

Heat retention with a long-term stationary or sedentary state. Sports thermal underwear is designed for high physical exertion. It is better to use wool. Will be warmer.

22. Thermal underwear

Never wear cotton underwear. Buy synthetic, special. Otherwise, get your hair dry. Thermal underwear Prevent rubbing the groin area. Erase easily, dry quickly. I recommend Columbia, “Fusion.”

23. Jacket from Polartec 200

In common parlance is called a fleece jacket. Perfectly heat-insulated. Dries quickly. I recommend “Bask” and “Splav”.

24. Warm vest

With synthetic insulation. Best of all is Primoloft. Compact. When folded, it takes up very little space. It does not collect moisture. Allows you to quickly warm.

25. Moisture-windproof jacket without lining in red

Best of all membrane. The jacket will protect you from precipitation and wind. Creates an additional air gap. Unlined when hungry in the wind, dries very quickly. Red color. Additional passive safety, especially relevant in areas of man-made disasters. Choose depending on budget. I recommend “Bask” and “Alloy”.

26. Trekking boots

Be sure to famous brand. With membrane. The sole of the vibram. Fixation of the ankle.

27. Socks are thick “tracking”, socks are thin “liners” (2 pairs at least)

The toe cap provides extra thermal insulation. It minimizes the likelihood of rubbing corn. I recommend Lorpen.

28. Membrane socks

Socks are not cheap, but they are worth it. It is mud, slush, sleet. Allow to walk comfortably for up to three days in wet shoes or even in sneakers. Put on over a thin sock liner. I recommend Keeptex.

29. Gloves from Polartec Power Stretch

Well insulated. Dry quickly. It must be able to carry out operations.

30. Hat from Polartec 200

It is well insulated. Dries quickly. But blown by the wind. From this saves the hood of the jacket.

31. Pants from soft shell black

Soft shell is a special synthetic material. In a simple way – fleece with a membrane. The outer side is smooth, inner fleecy. Protect from wind, dirt. Dry quickly. Have extra hip pockets. Not identified as military. Good pants in Columbia, “Fusion”, “Baska”.

32. Buff (shawl-pipe)

For thermal insulation of the neck. It can be used and you can buy equipment and gear.

33. Gaiters

Snow and small stones. Good gaiters at Tatonka.

Extra clothes for spring / autumn in the highlands

34. Warm jacket with synthetic insulation

Best of all is Primoloft. With comparable thermal insulation, it is less exposed to water. It is not absorb moisture, it dries quickly. When folded, it is very compact. I recommend “Fusion”.

35. Moisture-windproof pants with side zippers (self-dumping)

This is notable for its instability. You need to wear them, if necessary. I recommend “Bask”, “Alloy”.

36. Thermal underwear from Polartec Power Stretch

Thermal underwear second layer. It is put on a thin layered clothing. Additional insulation without discomfort. I recommend “Bask”, “Alloy”.

37. Mittens from Polartec 200

Additional insulation. I recommend the model. Folds the back part of the mitten folds back like a hood. It is put on thin gloves.

Summer clothes

38. A set of light clothing

  • Shirt with long sleeves
  • Lightweight trousers (synthetic or cotton)
  • Summer thermal underwear

The main task is quick drying. In areas of hot climates, long sleeves additionally protect against sunburn. Underwear is in Columbia – Omny Freeze.

39. Panama or cap with a visor,

Insect Blocker technology. These are clothes with special impregnation against mosquitoes. Shirts and pants, but also not frying, and dry quickly.

40. Mosquito net

Compact and useful. It can be used as a filter for coarse water purification.

All clothing should be packaged in a light, dry-colored pouch. So she must not be signed. You can buy in the “Basque” or “alloy”.

The author – Michael “Khych” Yarin (expert on equipment)

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