Equipment mushroom picker:

In our culture, mushroom picking takes quite an important role. But the fiber is not high. So, “quiet hunting”. But it isn’t enough to know what you are doing.

The mushroom picker should not be able to answer this question, “What to collect?”, “Where to collect?”, “How to collect?” And “When to collect?”. You can go into the forest with a clear conscience. That’s just the right equipment to take with you. So the question “! The equipment of the mushroom picker” should also be raised and resolved. Fortunately, it is not very difficult.

The equipment for the ordinary pickup is not much. However, the differences are still there. And we will try to tell you about them. Well, it must be reminded that it is included in the basic tourist set.


Perhaps the most important element of an adequate mushroom picker outfits. Here, much depends on the hunt. It will be clear that it will be clear. However, the principle will still be the same. Clothing must be durable, comfortable and appropriate to weather conditions. They will be too hot. The ideal option is a military uniform. with half synthetics will do. Evaporate.

Pants should be long enough to be tucked into boots. This will reduce the amount of attack from the bottom. It is a great chance to find yourself in the forest. The shirt should not be taken. ticks and branch protection. You’ll never know what the weather will bring. It is not necessary to take it out. (I completely agree with the editor.).


Once you walk in the woods, then you need durable and comfortable shoes. Slippers, sandals and shoes are immediately dismissed. If you are a little bit better than a little bit better than a little bit better. But they are damn them, they are heavy and uncomfortable …

Also, be sure to get some wool socks. Yes, they will be sweated, but there will be no scuffs from the shoes. And if you have no fungus, then there is nothing to fear.


Where do you want to go through your hair? mushroom picker outfit not even worth it. Take uniquely. Panama with a wide brim and retainer, or shemagh. It is a perfect way to protect your head and hair. But many people take what is simpler: caps, caps, bandanas. Why not – they also cope with their task.

Backpack and container for mushrooms

To go into the forest without a backpack, where you can put all the most necessary at least silly. Even if it is a small sortie with a length of several hours. It’s the easiest way to keep your backpack. But don’t go to extremes – travel backpacks with pouches. There is a better way to get a little bit of a compact version of this movement.

If you haven’t forgotten, then you’re the best option. It will be ventilated. It is not the case that there is any special damage. Mushrooms can be crumbled. It was better to leave it.

Additional inventory

The usual tourist set: a flashlight, a match, a watch, a compass, a map, an alarm whistle, a first-aid kit, something to eat, 2 liters of water – this mushroom picker outfit no different from tourist equipment. But there is a difference. Forked at the end. It is much more convenient to dig out the leaves and turn it over.

And, perhaps, the main difference is the knife. Mushroom doesn’t need some kind of super tactical lyudorez. No, if you are a calmer with it. It’s like a nails up with a microscope. The main thing is that the knife will be sharp. It can not be lost by accident. Cleaver you would like to make it …

Equipment mushroom picker:

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