Escape streams – how dangerous to avoid trouble

Danger can trap a person absolutely anywhere. Even though you can’t face life threatening. If you’re an experienced survivors

What is why? it bumps or, as our English-speaking friends call them – rip current.

The essence of this phenomenon is simple. When you begin to carry the sea into the open sea. Trying to resist, but where is the shore is rapidly moving away. There is no concrete benefit. Many people are thus exhausted and drowned, if help doesn’t come in time. And if these comrades knew about nature bumps, then there would be no problem.

This is a phenomenon that has been observed. The pattern of sandy sediments or completely flooded sandbars. But if there is a scour somewhere, breaker current

Fenders can be seen with the naked eye. It is clear that there is no trace of the color of the waves. breaking current encounters tidal current and suppresses it. But these signs can be observed in twenty cases from strength. It often happens that rip (tracing from English) spontaneously arises and also spontaneously disappears. It is a result of the re-application of sand.

Because of its origin, bumps that must be remembered. They are rarely broad, since they are rarely formed. Most often, stationary bumps, can reach up to twenty meters. It is a person who is not on the surface. Bear can be quite a long time rip 200 meters from the coast.

Therefore tactics when hit in breaking current pretty simple:

  • Orchestration to your shoreline – in this case Rolls with small width of the flow.
  • Either relax, stay out of the water and calmly out. Rolling for experienced swimmers.
  • It is not necessary to move away from the bottom of the bottom layers. Quite a demanding way, scuba diving skills.

The lousy thing is then breaking current It can begin to swim in the water. Confront ripu it is not necessary to immediately take it up for a long time. And without any help, they have no chance. If you’re not happy, you’re just breaking current, which also can prevent you.

As you see breaking current It is dangerous not to understand the situation. Therefore, there will be a need for help from someone else. For you. No, they won’t. They will be lost.

Escape streams &# 8212; how dangerous to avoid trouble

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