Eschaton and Zeta: radical designs knives by Elijah Isham

Company “We knife” and special designer Elijah Isham stood for two special knives – Eschaton and Zeta. But it makes it possible to make it that it helps.

For creating Eschaton Elijah used a special approach called the “sub-integral” hull design. The back of the handle is almost a solid piece of titanium. Buttons are used. “It’s a bit different.” According to Elijah, most 4-inch integral structures weigh more than 5 ounces (155 grams). And weight Eschaton – Only 3 ounces (93 grams).

Blade Eschaton M360 steel stripes, or even cutouts. “I deliberately broke cutting edge into two separate sections. It is a straight line, it is a straight line, it is a straight line, it is a bottom line, it can be used to make it, it can be used to make it.

More traditional, but still stylish, Zeta is the second after avant-garde Eschaton, the development of Isham in collaboration with the company “We knife”. M360 steel with a titanium lock. It is a very good idea to have a scoop.

For their colleagues, they’re literally blending off their surreal design. You mustn’t be able to get rid of it. “Collectors today are absolutely desperate,” said Elijah. “In the end, these same things. But you can still make them unique. “

In 2012, Elijah “But it’s hard to believe, but I’ve gotten to trim the bushes.” However, If you want to see your personal custom designs. “I need to collect equipment. I hope you’ll get it down seriously, ”says Ishem.

Eschaton and Zeta at a price of about $ 300.

We Knife Co. Drafts Elijah Isham for Two Radical Designs

Unusual weapons: Eschaton and Zeta &# 8212; knives with a radically new design from …

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