Especially dangerous infections are typhus and anthrax, symptoms, first aid, measures at the outbreak of typhus and anthrax.

Typhus is an acute infectious disease accompanied by damage to blood vessels and the central nervous system and spreading by insects – human parasites. 

Particularly dangerous infections of typhus and anthrax, symptoms, first aid, measures in the outbreak of typhus and anthrax.

Typhoid fever causes Provacheka rickettsia – intracellular parasites. The causative agent affects the inner layer of human vessels. Typhus is spread by lice (head lice, body lice, and very rarely pubic lice). They become infected when blood is sucked out after a bite of a sick person and after 4 days they release a large amount of the causative agent of typhus into the external environment.

(cardiovascular agents, glucose-salt and colloidal solutions, etc.).

Activities in the anthrax focus.

Anthrax patients are hospitalized in infectious diseases hospitals. All discharges from them and dressings are disinfected. An extract is carried out only after the healing of ulcers. Disinfection is performed in the outbreak. The source of infection is destroyed (the corpses of sick animals and livestock products – hides, meat, etc. are buried in specially designated places and covered with quicklime with a layer of 10-15 cm or burned).

The contacts are subjected to medical supervision for 8 days, and they are given prophylactic treatment with antibiotics (doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, less often ampicillin, rifampicin, phenoxymethylpenicillin) and are vaccinated according to epidemiological indications.

Based on Quick Help in Emergencies.
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