Evacuation from a dangerous place. How to be saved, not killed

Such cases occur regularly. If you’re behaves And if you are looking into the situation, everything is very logical …

Suppose you – God forbid – were taken hostage. Or you were a victim of criminal history. The violation of which you can end up very sadly. You are a hostage or a terrorist. Who are you? Perhaps there is a criminal in the place of the victim. Such a probability is. It’s not worth it. And rescuers go for precautions. If you’re suddenly running to a meeting, Time to reach anywhere.

We will provide you with information on how to proceed.

  • Medevac. Short for Medical Evacuation. These are helicopters with red crosses, they have no weapons. They are not shot at international standards;
  • Landevac – This is Land Evacuation (Evacuation on the ground);
  • But today the most popular remedy is Csar (Combat search and rescue). This is a complex to rescue the wounded. It includes a pair of helicopters, a fighter jets supporting the helicopters from the air, All this is controlled from a special center.

Suppose you were captured, escaped and want to go home. You are transferred to the Center and are waiting for the evacuation. The scouring after you? There are many ways. For example, to let the sunbeam in a search helicopter. Sunny bunny can be seen at a distance of 2-3 kilometers. You can use your bunny

At night, you can break the glow stick, tie it down. Get a very noticeable light spot. There are many ways of giving signals, which are taught at the training. Let’s say you have been going to save you. The signal was fed using a flare.

As soon as you see them. It is clear that after experiencing the stress, it will be an overlap. You need to kneel down and raise your arms above your head. In one, it gave the signal to the second documents (if any).

Before you go to the hot spot, Pay attention to the corners. It’s not a problem. It will be punished through the base.

When they come to you, kneel down with your back to the rescuers.

Rescuers will be required to cross their legs. You can’t make a difference.

You will be hacked.

But it is a bit unpleasant. You will check the documents (if any).

If everything is normal, it’s a safe place. There are many nuances that are not listed here. It is better to take the aforementioned training in its entirety.

When you are saved, let yourself be saved. Otherwise, they will be “saved” from themselves. And it will be a very unpleasant method for you.

Material taken from blog sergeydolya

Evacuation from a dangerous place. How to be saved, not killed

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