Evacuation from the city: Reasons, goals and recommendations

Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Why leave the city?
Chapter 2. What and where to go?

  • List of necessary equipment
  • First aid kit
  • Useful things
  • Food, Food Supplies

Chapter 3. General Recommendations

Evacuation from the city

You need to leave the city. Depend on it. It’s time to leave, the better.

“But – you ask, – why should we leave the city? What could be the reasons for that? ”Quite ordinary, and not only. Leave yourself at least at risk. Let us dwell on this in more detail …

Chapter 1. Why leave the city?

Natural question – what for leave town altogether? This is civilization, comfort, warmth and a roof over your head. It is no need, but it makes it. It is very complex and depends on many factors. For example, water pumping stations are supplied with leakage for operation. Violation of drinking water. Sewage – similarly works pumping stations pumping out sewage. The sewage system will be subject to unsanitary conditions and diseases. The shops – depend on power plants, food supplies. A city without supplies is a stone grave. It’s not a deadly power outage. It will not be long, but it will still be possible.

Blessings will slowly die. The remaining goods will be working. The water system will rise. They can be chaos, then you are mistaken. It’s not a problem. Therefore, it is important to soberly evaluate and predict If you’re not happy, you’ll be in a good city too.

It is easy to predict the situation. You can prepare, think in the city. It can also be a catastrophe. There is already need to act immediately.

You can count on the help of the state. This is an organized evacuation, humanitarian aid, medical assistance. It will not be an instant situation. Therefore, it’s possible to take care of it. to yourself. Ideally, a cottage with a cellar, for example.

Chapter 2. What and where to go?

We now turn to the situation. It will be your choice.

What will take with you? Consider that. This is an approximate table Below is a table with modifiers.

Children under 4 years 0 (themselves are portable weight)
Teenagers under 12 years old 7
Teenagers under 22 years old 15
Adults under 50 20
Advanced age above 60 years 5 (Regardless of modifiers)

Modifier table

Feature Modifier to tolerated weight, kg
Good physical shape (normal weight, endurance, strength) +five
Poor physical condition (dystrophy, obesity, no physical fitness, illness) -five
Female -five
Carry uncomfortable carrying -five
Carry carry bag 0
Carry carry bag +five
Carry a portable backpack with a stiff back (no items in hand) +ten
Carry a portable backpack with a stiff back (in the hands of things) +7

Notes: It is highly undesirable. Overload on these 5kg water.

You can come in handy …

List of necessary equipment

Money and documents – keep it in one place! Identity documents of your family members.

Clothes and shoes – It is always a colder day. It can be very uncomfortable. You can move the trainings down to -10 degrees and stay almost motionless at -20. But it shouldn’t be dressed at the same time. So:

  • Lingerie – preferably warm, two or three sets.
  • Socks – three pairs, should be warm.
  • Pants – girls, just forget about the skirts. Where is the base is cotton. Two pieces.
  • Underpants or warm tights. Alone.
  • T-shirt – better vest, plain and warm, cotton. Two pieces.
  • The main thing is to keep warm. One.
  • Top jacket – camouflage, overalls, thick autumn jacket. One
  • Cap – Plain knitted. One
  • Wind-waterproof suit – a special suit, a military coat, a polyethylene cape (preferably several), at least an umbrella. One joke.
  • Gloves – thin with warming. One pair.
  • Socks, boots, kersey, orientalians, buttresses, insulated shoes. Two pairs.

Backpack – more than 120 liters. Ordinary travel is fine. You will not get far. Some things can be tied up to a backpack.

Tourist equipment – this includes things for cooking, overnight stay, making fire and orienteering:

  • Sleeping accessories – travel rug and sleeping bag, blanket, tent or awning. A pair of winter clothes
  • Food accessories – pot, cup, bowl, spoon / fork. All is desirable metal.
  • It is possible to make it a kitchen, as a last resort – folding. Ideally, two knives.
  • Tools – mini spatula, hatchet.
  • Compass – any.
  • The map is a topographic, but a car atlas will also fit.
  • Matches, lighter – 5 boxes / pieces, individually packaged waterproof.

Weapons – If you have a gunshot

Repair kit – small things to repair equipment. A piece of wire, glue, thread, razor / blade, a piece of thick polyethylene, a large and small needle.

First aid kit

The number of dressing facilities, cough, antibiotics, painkillers, disinfectants and intestinal.

  • iodine (solution5% alcohol), 5 fl.
  • Zelenka (solution5% alcohol), 2 fl.
  • hydrogen peroxide, 2 fl.
  • cotton wool (100 gr.), 3 pack.
  • cotton swabs (100 pcs.), 1up.
  • Sterile medical bandage (5m X 10cm), 10 pcs.
  • non-sterile medical bandage (5m X 10cm), 10 pcs.
  • Elastic medical tubular non-sterile bandage (No. 1), 4 pcs.
  • Elastic medical tubular non-sterile bandage (No. 3), 4 pcs.
  • Elastic medical tubular non-sterile bandage (No. 6), 4 pcs.
  • bactericidal adhesive plaster, 100 pcs.
  • adhesive plaster (5m X 1cm), 2 pcs.
  • adhesive plaster (5m X 3cm), 2 pcs.
  • adhesive plaster (5m X 5cm), 2 pcs.
  • tourniquet, 1 pc.
  • thermodynamic (hypothermic) packages, 10 pcs.
  • antiseptic alcohol wipes (14 X 18), 10 pcs.
  • disposable syringe (5 ml), with a needle, 6 pcs.
  • medical gloves, 4 p.
  • Analgin (10t. On 0,5gr.), 5 unitary enterprise.
  • Spazgan, 5 pack. (antispasmodic)
  • No-shpa (40mg. No. 20), 5 pack.
  • Antibiotic tablets, any, 10up.
  • Activated carbon 10 pack. (from poisoning)
  • Levomycetin or Polymyxin-M, 2 pack.
  • Ortofen (2.5%) 3 ml. 4 amp. (pain reliever)
  • Aspirin, 10 pack. (anti-inflammatory)
  • Validol, 5 pack. (heartfelt)
  • Nitroglycerin (tablets), 4 pack. (heartfelt)
  • Corvalol, 2 fl. (heart remedy for stress reactions)
  • Suprastin, 5 pack. (antiallergic drug)
  • Taufon (drops when ingested foreign bodies), 2 pcs.
  • Albucidum (sulfacyl sodium 20%), 2 pcs.
  • Troxevasin, ointment, 2 tons
  • Prednisolone, 2 tons (ointment from snake bites, apply to the bite site)
  • Olazol (aerosol), 2 f. (from burns)
  • tablets for water disinfection, 10 pack.
  • medical thermometer, razor blade, small scissors

Useful things

Make your life easier.

  • Radio receiver – you can quickly follow the news. It is desirable with headphones, so batteries are saved.
  • Magnifying glass – will help to get a thorn and fire to kindle.
  • Walkie talkie – civilian, useful for negotiation and request assistance.
  • Set fishing – (a coil of fishing line, hooks, sinkers, a float, a float,).
  • Binoculars or monocular – useful for coordinating their movements.
  • Others to choose from

Food, Food Supplies

Sample meal list for two weeks.

  • The main product is cereals, 5 kg. Buckwheat is better, but rice, millet, oatmeal will do as well. The calorie content of cereal varies 350 kcal. An adult needs from 1500 to 2500kkal.
  • Nuts and dried fruits, 1-2 kg, and trace elements.
  • Flour, 1kg,
  • Dried meat, lard, hard cheese in wax, in extreme cases, canned food, 2 kg.
  • It will come in handy and brighten up your time.
  • Cocoa with sugar, instant – excellent dope when overworked.
  • Salt, 0.5kg – anum of goods for the future.
  • Spices – the brighten up your monotonous food.
  • Citric Acid – If You Have Been Food
  • Drinking water, five liters.
  • Other – it can not be taken in the first three days. As a variety in diet.

Chapter 3. General Recommendations

We need you to go away. Now where should we go? What is the situation? What is the case for your family?

It is a situation where you can’t have a situation.

If the problems are global, then there is no problem. Here you decide on the situation and the situation. To the villages, to the villages, to the forest.

It has been noted. If you want to go for a car, you’ll have to do it. I repeat it, I’m not happy, but I’m sure I’ve been it will be indisputable.

With friends, neighbors, if possible. Dress as casually as possible. The backpack can be disguised by pulling a sack of potato on it. A ragged raincoat can be thrown over the clothes, slapped with dirt. In general, you need

It is a special resort. It is also necessary to leave it.

If you have a small number of people, you can carefully plan your route. In advance. You’re not a lot of time to go. So you protect yourself from unwanted meetings.

In the end, it’s not a problem. In addition, you need to understand that everything is in your hands. Do not be paranoid, but relax too. It’s not a problem. is. Ideally, it’s useful to remember. Although, of course, I’ll never need it. But you need to keep your ears open.

Ready kits

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