Evacuation in the preparation

It has been confirmed that there has been a flood of areas in the area of ​​approx. Transl. ) floats on the surface, sorry for a pun. Herets some of my thoughts (approx. Transl.) Thoughts on this matter.

My plans for evacuation in case of emergency calculated one for a five-minute readiness, and the second for a 30-minute. But with children, I see a more feasible 15-minute standard, instead of a 5-minute one. Building troops always takes more time. It doesn’t matter.

We count – ten runs for three minutes. It may be shorter if your home is more compact. In each race, you can pick up one group of items, in order of importance. With this approach, even if you have to get away with it.

Sample list:

  1. The most important thing is an alarming bag.
  2. Communications, backups, maps, compass, navigator, etc.
  3. Weapons and ammunition.
  4. Water and means of cleaning.
  5. Shelter – tent, sleeping bags, etc.
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Tools, traps, and equipment.
  8. Food.
  9. Extra clothes, shoes, etc.
  10. More food, water, extra supplies.

(It’s not clear that you’ll not be able to clarify it.)

Pets carrying, food, food, bowls, leashes, trays, and more! More races? Extend the list. Then type it. It makes it possible to make it a little bit more. Make several copies and place in suitable places so that when evacuation in case of emergency for a long time not to look for them.

It is insensitive to the cold, heat and shelf life. It is a 24/7/365 transport vehicle that has a number of items that can be used for a transport vehicle. all of this. It must be at least twice a year.

Children with their bags are a matter of special attention. If you’re growing up, you’ll have to do it. In this case, it will not be necessary. And even once a month. Two shoes of raincoat, raincoat, and several books / toys.

Obviously, what motivates you to action is self-discipline. Justification is just a cover for a pile of crap.

If you look at Bond movies. Hey, it’s not a bad idea.

Recheck items on the list, keep documents in paper and electronic copies. For double redundancy, it can be placed near your home or near your home.

There is a color-digital coding. For example:

  • briefcase and anxious bag – in the closet, with the number “1”, circled in red;
  • with the number “2” circled in black;
  • weapons and ammunition, with the number “3”, circled in a green circle;
  • The number “4” is circled in blue.

There are marked colors, where it lies in compliance with the colors. If someone helps you with fees for evacuation, then simply say – “I collect the odd, you – even”, and – for the cause.

Reasonably approach in advance. For example, if your primary method evacuation in case of emergency – car, card It is a car.

For you to regularly read websites and articles. They can give you more than any of us together.

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