Events in Cologne, as a symbol of a new Europe

Well, what, gentlemen Europeans, lived out?

In the glorious German city of Cologne, visitors Arabs and Negros (sorry, africans) in droves molested to the German women. Molested in the worst sense of the word.

With a battering, obscene of the skirts (too short in terms of muslim moralists), savory tastes of aryan ass and a few rape. What can you do, southern blood, it is hot.

Europe. XXI Century. Dark ages

In principle, this was to be expected. In general, it’s been called insanity. But, in essence, there is nothing supernatural about it. In each of them, the world went crazy. Once driven out demons, with might and main hunted the witch and sorcerers. For them, they were cruel, they banned themselves, and then the iconoclasts themselves fell under the hand of christian justice.

In the midst of the medieval militant mob pilgrims suddenly rushed to the Middle East, to win Holy sepulcher, as well as others Christian shrines, for several centuries with schizophrenic tenacity went to Crusades, It was given that he had orders and received his orders.

When Europeans There is a little bit of freedom in the shopkeepers and marauders. This is a significant part of the population of Europe. Then it was replaced by Jacobinism, communism and, finally, fascism with national socialism. It was the time of the civil society.

It is a new peep refugees.

There is no need for a whole book.

With its charter in a foreign monastery

In the past few years, Europe has experienced an unheard of influx. refugees of Muslim countries. At the mention refugees, as always, “Who is to blame?”

Guilty are NATO, USA, European Union. Less – Russia. And immediately after the question “What is to blame?” Say you spawn a bunch refugees, now you equip them. It’s another interpretation it sounds like this.

Refugees It also helps people to settle down in a new place. Even with the damage to yourself. That’s the way it is. refugees, very soon it became noticeable. And what does it mean? All this is unimportant, because people are judged, first of all, by their actions.

As for refugees, then they behaved like refined goons and boors. The Europeans provided them with housing. Germany to give shelter to refugees, other people were evicted from social homes, including the Germans.

The authorities patiently explained: “Refugees drank grief. You need to be patient! ”Europeans, in general, reacted with understanding. Some settled refugees at home. And in response, those in record time zagadili surrounding landscape.

Europeans have set refugees for contentment. In Germany, everyone to refugee pay a one-time allowance of 2,800 euros and a monthly allowance of 399 euros. This is from the state of refugees various charitable foundations …

The Germans organized a collection of money and things. But, oddly enough, to refugees it seemed a little. The number of the crafts and robberies has increased significantly. Often, products from supermarkets are dragged into the daylight broad daylight. Just take and carry. Or eat right on the spot, without departing from the box office. Starved, they say. However, the man doesn’t live by bread alone.

Not wanting to lag behind the locals in terms of consumption, refugees He paid for it (iPhones, smartphones, leading brands of clothing). You can simply be stolen or taken away.

Wanting to refugees Feel comfortable, they’re changing their habitual way of life.

Catholic Church Germany abandoned the practice of infant baptism. Say, it is a person who must grow, and even then decide what to grow. Schools have abolished the lessons of religion. Crucifixes were removed from the walls. In school canteens banned pork products (sausage, sausages, bacon, pate),

Muslims – They are very sensitive to their weak psyche. In many companies in Ramadan, employees are offered to embarrass the muslims. You can get acquainted with German women.

Muslim and Christian. Beats – it means love?

And now we have smoothly turned to relations.

Young and not so Arabs and Africans eager to get to know German girls, but they do it in accordance with their glorious national-tribal and religious traditions. In a fairly tough, and often even rudely.

Sexual abusive abilities Of course, it can be a lot of fun. As Ostap Bender was told by one janitor, “To whom and the mare’s bride”.

But he didn’t play a special role. The recent events in Leipzig clearly illustrated many things that Europeans were embarrassed to talk about.

It is the same thing as the approached. Last day club).

Young german goes through the station square. The road is blocked by a tall black man (by the way, Negro – this is not an insult, but race). The German Negro offers quite politely and culturally replies “No, no, no …”. And Negro receives from a strong slap in the face.

The girl prudently tries to leave, but one more refugee puts her footboard, knocking down. And the black man shouts something cheerfully at the camera. Courage, of course, the alpha male got out into the wild. No, well, really, what a cheeky person, dared to refuse such a cool black guy. Is she a racist? Her back, but her tummy back.

Another video. Another young German woman refugee kicks off. It’s time to join traditional values. Islam is here. Here is a woman should know her place.

And you can always stay in Germany. So they are looking for. Available methods.

Another video. “Bukuyuschiy” refugee“. Crowd of cops trying to reasonrefugee. But he didn’t want to go to school.

In a similar situation against a white man the police they had to be sealed for a weapon. But refugees from Asia and Africa There are somewhat different rules.

Cologne is quite indicative. It is possible to avoid sexual harassment. Put on your body.

The question is whether it will be punished. Deportation? But what puts this to refugee go back, under them, and even without them?

Mosque of notre dame

Europe bends over.

Elena Chudinova’s novelMosque of notre dame“It’s not a bit different. For the Enlightenment.

Europe, of course, a pity. That Ancient Rome was nothing good. And, if Europe loses itself, it will be very, very bad.

But in what is happening now, Europe and the Western world are largely to blame themselves. In all this, if you will, there is a certain justice. Dancing around sexism and multiculturalism drove the West into an idiotic situation. If you are a woman, it is not a question of multiculturalism.

Currently, a white heterosexual male is the most depressed in the Western world.

While entering the same traditions, white heterosexual man turned out to be on the other side of public morality.

It was a girlfriend for sexual harassment. And these things happen all the time. If you want to go for a drink, you can take it. In this way, it can be a question.

Just as the princess from fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen It wasn’t your choice. Well, now she’s a race, With all the consequences, such as domestic inconvenience, where to without it.

The list of free services provided to refugees, also the services of “municipal prostitutes”. All this, of course, at the expense of taxpayers.

Gays on the protection of “European values”

I would suggest a solution to this problem. Since it was not trained, it has been trained. Moreover, both women and men of homosexual orientation. At least, both sides, in this case, would enjoy. And then, brings nothing closer together.

Europe and the world. Now, relatively speaking, the brains were turned in the wrong direction. I remember the movie “Bastard, Shot in 2012. He’s been a teenager. The child is sitting at the same table with the teenager, diligently pretending that everything is fine. He was idiot, he was simply shown everything). It is not a good idea. Europeans way of thinking.

Similar to cultural man, intelligent It is sometimes difficult to make it.

Who will defend the notorious “European valuesShe is accustomed to a woman.

Modern Europe lacks the ability to call a spade a spade. Rudeness – rudeness, and bestiality – bestiality. Europe for those who are praised “European values, Which now turn against Europe itself.

After all, in an amicable way, Negro, Having a girlfriend grows up. Not, it is, Muslim, but because boor and scoundrel. And many people from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States) would like to do something like this. The social camp is not sure.

But Soviet and “post-soviet»Experience in the current environment can be very useful. For example, it’s like quite decent people.

Towards to refugees, even in response to the frankly boorish and idiotic antics, they are If so, it’s not.

“They don’t go to the monastery with their charter”. But, this is exactly what the so-called refugees, with active non-resistance to German authorities and the whole society. Of course, it’s a good idea. However, there was a lot of interesting things. The destruction of the Indians in America. Consumer food industry in Africa. Ottoman conquest, when it was ruled by the Turks.

Do not want to remember. It is a woman who lives in her 30s – 50s. marauders who were allowed to behave as they like).

Social problems

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