Everyone’s personal matter

In the evening, March 24, I read Interfax. Looking for interesting stories. There were news in Syria, while performing a mission, an officer of the Special Operations Forces died. I shuddered. I read it again – the text has not changed. In a daze, I see the name again. I love my friends. Details emerged after summoned an artillery fire on himself. The text resembled a summary of the Soviet Information Bureau. In my head he read the voice of Levitan.

I’ve got to know how to make it to the South. Then it didn’t come to me. It was incredibly scary that it was a couple of months ago. And there would be nothing more. Never.

I would like to say so much. No one knew. I thought I was thinking of it. ; it is a roll, a bag, a baked bag, a roll; after the closure of some competitions.

I know what I’m going to make. Killed someone else. I can’t feel more than the sensation I have experienced at this moment. And then …

… It was clear that it was not clear. That’s all. It is not always a case for a girlfriend. It remains forever.

Everyone’s personal matter

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