Executive Outcomes. Last Real Private Military Company

At all Executive outcomes – It is the largest player in the market. PMC/HRS in the region of Africa. In my memory, not one large military conflict I couldn’t have been their field specialists. Well, actually, if you want to find out.

Is wide enough. Starting from simple bodyguard and escorts convoys, up to full military operations. For some money, you can even spend punitive or Blackops an operation. Fortunately, there are frames.

Why Executive Outcomes such an active position?

Everything is very simple. Despite the current mess, South africa – It can still be a question. If you’re informally, you’ve been informally crushed under the water. South africaOh, it would be much more there, and another superpower would appear on the world map.

Presently South africa – This is a very interesting country, which is managed by business. More precisely, it is very important that we coexist with each other. Well, somewhere between them, live official authorities South africa. There are no rules for personal security services. In general, a very fascinating country in this sense. If you want to write a new one, it’s not. South africa. Everything is in the canon: gryazischa, gossips, poor rebellious nigras. Well, abundant African rednecks with harsh rednecks for cleaning.

Executive outcomesExecutive outcomes

Actually, it is necessary to specify one moment. Executive outcomes actively existed from 1989 to 1998. Formally, in the 98th, according to UNovskogo act of “Regulation of international military assistance“It is ceased to exist. But there is an important moment. AT Executive outcomes I’ve been working on the PMCs for a while and I’ve seen it: “Fuck the skiff” Thank you all, everyone is free – you are fired! “- this is given to Executive outcomes at that time South africa. Therefore, the office simply broke up in five large hands,

  • services PMC;
  • services HRS;
  • The educational center;
  • supply and support service;
  • clearing house.

That is, the name itself Executive outcomes Almost disappeared, small consulting firm. Which is the head, informally managing all five structures. Peacefully under the roof Src (Strategic Resource Corporation), which quietly and peacefully brought it all back.

Chevron Executive Outcomes

Yes, and the old-time mercenaries themselves still (yes, to this day) wear chevrons Executive outcomes. Of course, this is completely ignored, and in 2007 UN she didn’t really change anything. But it turned out to be a rooster duck. UN with his opinion So, you see, the company will gather back. This is a benefit of a parcel to this is.

Where does executive outcomes come from?

Well, of course, from where … From the army. All the founders and chiefs, including the top managers, were once commanders and units of the local armies.

Let’s start it Executive outcomes was not anyone but Yeben barlow, In the case of the commander of the 32nd reconnaissance battalion, the lieutenant colonel (leutenant-colonel) Lafran luting, gloomy type of mixed nationality who put PMC throughout Africa and advised about 50 percent of foreign PMC on the specifics of the African region (including the already overwhelmed Blackwater). Nick van der berg, once a royal colonel marines, who put this same marines for the army South africa in later years. Anyway, if you look at the list of retired army commanders South africa, in some ranks of the leaders Executive outcomes, and later and Src.

This is not a mention of the same Rhodesian CAC (who put the former British Sasovets Peter McAleese), as a rule, before settling down, he passed through Executive outcomes, where just earned himself a decent retirement. And, again, through the leadership positions in Executive outcomes commanders of such units as “Scouts selos“, Still the same 32nd intelligence, the same CAC. What characterizes PMC from a very positive side. And given that in terms of combat training and experience with fighters South africa It is not always possible to compare it.

In addition, their fighters are best prepared for action in the specifics of the area. It is a rule of thumb, and you can use it.

Private Intelligence Service

Separately worth mentioning about Executive outcomes how about HRS (Private Intelligence ServiceState of the structure and successfully performed them. 90s even CIA it didn’t really matter South africa, preferring not to get involved with them. Now, of course, the situation has leveled off a bit, after disbanding Executive outcomes But it’s interesting, Executive outcomes. Well, a part was inherited by Src, If you’re not sure, you’ll still be considered the most influential structure of the continent. It is often attributed to the activities of the intelligence agencies. South africa. However, they are not much offended, the main thing is that the money is paid.

Here is such an interesting office Executive outcomes, and now Strategic Resource Corporation.

Wolf ops

Executive Outcomes. Last Real Private Military Company

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