Exercises in 1.3 seconds

By: Richard Kreis

It is not up to hundredths of a second. In reality, life depends on the shot. I’ve been working for a few years. sights.

It will increase the speed of the first shot.

Shot mechanics

Consider the mechanics of hitting in baseball or tennis. “Bang!” – hit it. Hand-eye coordination. You are not looking for a flying ball.

Pistols equipped sights, If you want to make a super-accurate shot. In a real shootout, a victory over the enemy.

Now imagine that the ball is the beat. Take out the gun, without taking your eyes off the target.

It can be taken for 15 seconds. It was fast, wasn’t it?

I had a chance to talk in gunfights. (Except for those using rifles).

They couldn’t look away from him. As usual, they removed their pistols from their holsters, but aim devices, while pushing the trigger.

You can’t need a distance of up to 7 meters. “Fire contact“Most often occurs at this distance. As for the cases self defense with weapons, We analyzed 120 examples – the distance of up to 3 meters.

When I teach new shooters “defensive tactics inside the 7 meter zone“, I say:” Keep a weapon on her! As you see your gun, pull the trigger. “

The following shows how you can improve. first shot.

Optimum fast and accurate shooting technique

The following exercises will increase firing speed in the real world:

Exercise first

Train your brain. Look at the target for 15 seconds. Then quickly “poke” in the center of the target. Repeat this simple exercise as often as possible.

Exercise two

Do not use the flat or airsoft gun. Before you begin the exercise, make sure you can be intimidated by your actions. Warn them, or train when nobody is around you.

Exercise three

At the landfill or in the dash, make 50 “dry” shots using the method described above. After you feel comfortable, charge one cartridge. Take one “combat” shot for 50 “dry”.

Exercise four

Imitate the movement, leaving two or three shots. The moving target is harder to hit.

Speed ​​reaction

My training corridors. In practice, I found that it can be effective. first shot 1.3 seconds or less.

Two years ago, I had the license for the carrying carrying of weapons. At the shooting range. Average time first shot it turned out 2.1 seconds. 25 “dry” shots, and then 25 “combat”. Time was 1.5 seconds.

Improved students speeds by 0.6 seconds in just 30 minutes of training. And as I said, in a split second!

In conclusion. Friends to protect your family train hard and wisely!

About the author:
Richard Kreis for 32 years served as a sniper in SWAT, motorcycle officer in the police academy. He is an instructor in fire training / self-defense / survival.

Translated by Yury Ignatov

Rifle training

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