Explosive traps, sensitive watchdogs, and explosive trap guards.

Explosive traps can be operator-controlled and automatic; according to the principle of operation, they do not differ much. It’s just that in one case, the victim starts the mechanism, in another, the operator from the shelter. The charge can be undermined by mechanical (tapping of the capsule or friction of the grater composition) and firing method. 

Explosive traps, sensitive watchdogs and explosive trap guards.

The fire method appeared before the rest. One of the options is a flat box with a lid that can be easily lowered, a layer of gunpowder is evenly sprinkled at the bottom, and a slowly smoldering, saturated with oxidizer (nitrate) wick is attached to the lid. When stepping on the lid, it is crushed and the smoldering wick sticks into the gunpowder. Instead of a wick, you can use a spiral of smoldering matter, such as oriental incense.

Explosive traps, sensitive watchdogs, and explosive trap guards.

A similar mixture is made from grass or wood flour, nitrate and diluted cow manure. A more primitive option is incense cones laid out on a metal mesh. A layer of tissue paper can be placed on the grid; when stepping on a flexible cover, smoldering coals are strewed onto a layer of gunpowder. In the presence of air access, smoldering compounds can be without saltpeter. Wick locks of various designs are also used..

The design can be mounted directly above the mine, but this is not advisable for smoky gunpowder. With a charge, such a device can be connected with a shooting stop-drive, or with a small firecracker with a tube inserted into it from one end and connecting it to the main charge. The time for the alertness of such devices is very small and is calculated at best for hours..

Radio fuses and camcorders using explosive traps.

There are explosive traps adapted only for undermining by the operator. The most favorite in our time are radio fuses, for which craftsmen fit portable radio stations, radio-controlled toys and mobile communications, such as pagers, cordless phones and others. Alarms are also used, but already in automatic traps..

The portable video cameras that have appeared are very promising, allowing you to combine them not only with explosive, but also firing devices, while the war turns into a computer game. Firing devices can be equipped with rods, and the camcorder can be combined with the scope. Security systems with video cameras connected to the operator via a radio channel rather than a cable allows you to control self-propelled bombs, cars stuffed with explosives, small-sized guided aircraft, etc..

Sensitive watchdogs and explosive trap guards.

Sensitive watchdog mechanisms of explosive traps are very well equipped with fuses that can be removed or disconnected after installation, it is better to remotely. It is possible to significantly increase the safety of the installation of an explosive device if fuses are equipped with timers. In the MUV fuse, this problem is solved in a mechanical version. A combat spring, after some time after removing the fuse, cuts the lead plate with a knife. A piece of sugar dissolves in underwater anti-airborne mines, etc. In mines with electric fuses, this task is very simple.

Prevent the disposal of explosive traps.

Often there is a need to prevent the disposal of an explosive trap. In mechanical devices, a reverse fuse or a fuse with a brace is placed under the mine, a manufactured double-action fuse with a brace, etc. Mines with electric fuses abound with a much larger arsenal of such means. Against trying to search for mines with a metal probe, two nets are used with a film insulator between them, the probe tears the film and closes the contacts.

The classic gatehouse that prevents neutralization is a torn electrical circuit. When you attach a mine to the metal bottom of the car, contacts may close, and if you try to disconnect it, an explosion will occur. Now they love to shoot it to defuse a mine or an explosive trap, the fuse does not have time to fire. For this case, the housing of the explosive trap is made of durable material and can be glued with a thin wire or strip of foil, if this layer is violated, an explosion occurs. Many of the contactors described above can duplicate the main one, as a means of protecting against clearance..

Standard mines and explosive traps with mechanical fuses.

Standard mines and explosive traps with mechanical fuses are most often done on a fuze of the MUV type, on a stretch diagram 17, on the diagram 17.1 a pressure cap. The VPF fuse is also alarming, but instead of the ring, the tie is tied to the collet, the cover of the pressure mines is supported on the same collet. Based on the MD2 fuse, mines make it easier. The mine’s body is made with a leaking cover, a pin is inserted into its center, which, when pressed, drops and punches the fuse capsule.

A fuse similar to MD2 can be obtained if a capsule of the type of chewing is put on the nipple of detonator No. 8. As a sensitive element to the exploding traps, highly sensitive initiating explosives were tried to be adapted. Bringing such a mine into a combat position can be done by evaporation of an impregnating explosive liquid (phlegmatizer or solvent), or by a chemical reaction that produces a highly sensitive explosive. Or the destruction of stable chemical complexes.

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