Extraction and exploration of water in the desert

Without food, it can be just a couple of days. Therefore, it’s one of the most important tasks of a lost tourist. However, it is extremely difficult. It is, of course, about deserts. The amount of precipitation is not more than 200 mm per year. Therefore, there are living organisms that live there. Many desert mammals never drink – they get a lot of water. If there are no eggs, then at midnight you can easily freeze. This, of course, doesn’t mean much less than the difficult task of survival. But with certain knowledge, even in such conditions you can survive.

How to get water? Comes down to the following options …

Natural sources of water in the desert

Artificial springs – wells

Self digging wells

Evaporation and condensation

The second option is to evaporate water from local plants. Anything will do – preferably with green leaves. But even a dry camel thorn will fit. It is taken for a bush or tree. Water flowing down to the bottom. There is another option – more “barbaric”. When it plants stupidly cut and stuffed into a package – then everything works exactly the same.

Desert plants and inhabitants

In the wilderness of the desert. But then you can find a way out. For these conditions. You must be aware that you’ve been able to cope with it.

Extraction and exploration of water in the desert

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