Extrema ratio Nemesis.

Extrema Ratio has been producing knives and tools for various army units of the Italian army since 1997. Some models were also adopted by the French, Swiss and British forces. Knives have a peculiar angular design. It takes some time to get used to hard corners and clumsy, at first glance, appearance. The model “Nemesis” is part of their line of “heavy skladnik” and, of course, designed for hard use.

The first thing you understand when you take this monster in your hands is that you will not be able to subject it to really difficult trials. Not because sorry. Not because in an office fight with a cooler, such a knife is hardly useful. It’s just a professional league knife. In short, this is a tank among the knives.

Blade stopper, as you would expect from Extrema Ratio – utterly reliable. Accidentally fold at the most inopportune moment at the knife does not work.

British scientists have found that due to the increased steepness of this knife, an impressive amount of cheap Chinese fakes are circulating in the market. Therefore, before purchasing – be sure to check the supplier on the official website of the company.

And some numbers for theory lovers:

  • Weight: 218 grams
  • Blade length: 105mm
  • Overall length: 263mm
  • Blade thickness: 6.3mm
  • Steel: N690 (58HRC)
  • Handle Material: Anodized Aluminum

Steel arms

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