“Extreme”. Instructive humorous story

They sent us a new political officer to serve. You can’t make it a little bit harder , and would have broken a legless leg.

For a day or two, you’ll be able to meet your needs. The tailor made for the next one.

– Comrades officers! – began the commander, – according to the results of the last exit to the sea …
– I ask permission, comrade captain of the first rank! – The newly-made submariner happily jumped up in this place, – but it’s necessary to say “extreme”, and not “last” !!!
– What, forgive my senile dementia? It is not necessary to make sure that it is aback:
– I can say the word “last”! – yes-aa, he is still a psychologist, he is still a psychologist.

He asked you to:

– The ship has an explanatory dictionary of the Russian language?
– Yes sir!
– Please bring, please.

After the commander-in-chief jumped out of the mess room, the murmuring of the officers began.

“So, calmly, comrade officers,” the commander raised his hand, “I will humor him now, without your help, but for the support.”
– Here, comrade commander! – happily waving some green volume, the tutor rushed back.
– Open, comrade captain of the second rank

He reads.

– Do not bother? – specifies, just in case, the commander
– Well … comrade commander, the tradition is !!!
– What
– Well … at the pilots, from the paratroopers, in general from the military!
– Are we on a plane now?
– Not
– On a big, maybe, landing ship?
– No – the tutor begins to blush
– Where are we now?
– On a submarine
– On my submarine, I ask you to note. It is a great deal of interest to keep your mind on your ship. If you’re a little bit harsh, you’lln’t have to go. It’s me, in this case, me. You can even give me all the honors, even welcome. But it is strictly for me to speak. It is a comic book. If you’re not in the last few words, you’re there? Is it learned?
– Yes, Comrade Commander, but I also thought ..
– And do not think! You are not supposed to be on the staff list! Lieutenants and lieutenants to cover their ears! If you’re not happy, then you’ll be able to get in touch with you again. You can open your ears! You see – they sit with people stuck because they obey me! Learn, educator!

The commander gave the go-ahead for the opening.

There are some ways that I can talk about it. If you’re on the same day as you’re a little bit

Submariners calmly say the word “floated”, instead of the “go”, “lieutenant colonel”, instead of the “captain of the second rank” (here, however, intonation is important, respectful one). Of course, if you’re a staffer, you’re will be easier to distinguish you from normal people.

Source – Sharks from Steel

&# 171; Extreme&# 187; Instructive humorous story

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