Extreme medicine: If injured in a knife fight or a fight

Real fight, and especially knife fight – a very, very short-lived event lasting a few seconds. Waltzing around for the crawling, window dressing and sports. In reality knife fight is a quick, bloody and cruel spectacle. Especially when only one opponent is armed with a knife. It will not be necessary to reduce blood sprains.

Therefore, if you saw knife – run, or grab a stool, an urn, anything, and … Maybe you are lucky …

But nevertheless, it’s necessary to know something. After knife fight. And generally a little about extreme medicine. So …

Extreme medicine: if wounded in a fight or a knife fight


Once it is a conversation, it’s not a peace. He said that he was struck one thing fact …

The group, having completed the task, returned to the base in Gudermes. It was no longer than 5 hours to go. Suddenly, shooting began. “They couldn’t calculate us clean it,” the commander flashed through his mind. – So, ran into the “wild”, it happens. “Rebuilding the group, the commander gave the order:” With dagger fire, deuce destroy the enemy ”. The fight ended quickly, none, the group was hurt.

Coming up to the bodies of the scorpion, the commander fell in. It was found that it had been found that it had been covered with film. The complete discharge of morphine and some kind of rubbish explained something. But not all …

It wouldn’t have been possible!

Meanwhile, this is quite realistic! When we are familiarized with the officer with the course extreme medicine on systemSPAS”, It became clear to him.

To begin with, we will define the terms – what we understand by extreme medicine? This is the first or specialized way medical care accidental, natural or man-made disaster, power conflict. It has been noted that it has been the case that it has been the case. You can’t bake your body.

All these methods have one very significant drawback. They have already completed the fight. For example, if you’re losing blood, for 30-60 seconds you’ll die from massive blood loss. Medical care. Do you really want to take care of yourself? Your mind will stick to your mind.

Extreme medicine It has been completely wounded or injured.

Hand injuries

In a deadly fight knife fight the wrist of the most “specialists” is considered deceased – all, the battle is over, mortally wounded! It is “BUT”, it is “BUT”, it is correct.

Deep cut wrist from the inner (palm) side

In the case of an immediate medical care, it leads to loss of consciousness from massive blood loss after 30 seconds, and after another 30 seconds comes death. It is a scamming pattern that can be used to make it.

Immediate actionIt is in the bosom of the jacket. The weapon is shifted to the second hand.

Advantages of this situation: Eliminated re-injury already wounded limbs. The heart of the pressed hand. Strikes and de-equilibration.

The most important thing: the time before the loss of consciousness increased by 2-3 times. Trifle? There are no trifles in survival.

Dissection of fingers, back of hand, palm

It is a weak bleeding in all cases, except for a palm cut. It is strongly squeezed.

Immediate action: the weapon is intercepted by an unaffected hand. Palm cut open your fist, work “boat” and “edge” of the palm. A crumpled cap, a rag, a handkerchief, a raft.

Deep cut elbow bend

Cut elbow bend threatened assets, emergency assets, housing. The arm below the elbow hangs like a whip. BEFORE CONCERNING THE CONSCIOUSNESS AND DEATH OF MORE, THEN WHEN wrist dissection.

Immediate action when it comes to elbow bend How to achieve this when the fight goes on? Hand as much as possible to squeeze the elbow. You can grab her chest pocket, lapel jacket. It is good to put some oblong object in the elbow fold. For example, a cigarette lighter, a blade sheath, a cigarette lighter

If you’re working, you’ll be able to in the battle. The struck hand is operated with the “elbow” shock form. Although it is possible to carry it out, it’s possible to carry it out.

As professionals are taught in knife fight it is a race for the first time.

Head injuries

Surface dissection of the neck

With deep neck dissection “Our Father”

Immediate action: try to press her shoulder. This will reduce blood loss.

Bang bridal dressing on the bottom of the bottom of the neck.

Injured face

If you’re on foot, you’re getting there, you’ll have to do it. Person have high vitality. The death of their death.

Immediate action: not required. After being tied up, we’ll pick up the body. Of course, it’s better than nothing.

Affection of the nose

It is characterized by heavy bleeding. It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been torn away from the bottom of the palm. This can be done either.

Adam’s apple

Adam blows hand-to-hand combat almost all countries of the world.

Death after ydapa to kadyk It leads to the death of the city, which causes a blockage (obstruction) of the city. THE RESULTS OF THE AIRS DOESN’T GET INTO THE LIGHT From the moment breathing stops to brain death: 5–7 min.

Immediate actionIt’s 2-3 cm are the protruding forward. 1-2 rings of the trachea below the Adam’s apple (in place cricothyroid ligament) that is, below the place of edema and compression. It is inserted from the 2 sides (for example, a cylinder of a fountain pen, etc.). Called it conicotomy. (

If you do not know what is cricothyroid ligament, or have difficulty finding it on your body; it will lead to death rather than injury. Perform conicotomy only physicians or persons who have completed special courses in the provision of first aid.

It is not clear that there has been a loss of movement. Tipping his head on the back with his palm.

It is not true that it has been seen again, then it has been carried out. or crush them, but only very very carefully. This reception can be carried out by the victim himself.

Chest injuries

He fell away indirect heart massage, try a simple and good reception. Hit the nipple and sternum. Sharp, but not very strong. It is called precordial stroke. Again – If You Have Not Learned.

After that, check whether the pulse appeared on the carotid artery. If there is no pulse, then repeat it all again. If the pulse doesn’t appear and indirect heart massage. About them emergency room and resuscitation.

Puncture wounds

The rib cage is generally a very complicated thing. It is the heart, but they are well protected by the ribs. Therefore, it is more difficult to cut the knife with a knife. Do not entail a heartbeat (within a few minutes) failure.

Immediate action, If you do not have a burst of bubbles and a burst? You plug the wound hole with the naked hand. When the contraction is complete, apply it to the wound. PPI (individual dressing package), even in a plastic bag, even a thick paper. Fix a plaster, a bandage, a scotch tape, a plastic tape, and a run for the first-aid post.

Stab wound to the heart

Heart wound – very bad option. This is a chance to be pulled out at any cost.

If a knife sticks out in a wound, a sharpening, a screwdriver, get into the wound. – Do not touch it in any way! Any object in the wound holds back bleeding.

Immediate actions: not required. In this case, it can be taken to measure the pathway, the pathway, the pathway and the doctor!

If your immediate action – plug your hole with your finger literally shove it there. It is possible to get to the medical center.

It has been the case that it has survived. Methods are generally applicable to any stab wound any part of the body.

Penetrating wound to the lungs

At injury to the lungs may happen valve pneumothorax. It differs from an open pneumothorax in the air, the cavity increases, and the lung contracts. The inhale seems to be shrinking.

Immediate actionThis is where you’ll find out how you’ve been straininged out. Next, take out the phone and seal the wound. Scotch tape, a piece of plaster, a piece of rubber, a piece of germotkani

There is still such a problem as hemothorax, It is not clear that there has been a reduction in the flow rate. The result is strong and inconspicuous. blood loss in a very short time.

Injured abdomen

Damage to the abdominal organs

If you are still moving, then everything is in order. The abdominal aorta is not touched. You will be on the move, perhaps even more than a day. Then there will be a fever, and then death will occur from the peritoneum (peretonita).

Immediate action: not required. Quietly end the fight, take 5 pills of summamed (do you need it with you?) Three chances out of four that you will survive. If the kidneys or spleen are damaged (left-side ribs), then the chances are much less.

Dissection of the abdominal wall and of the abdominal cavity

At wound to the stomach, if there are no aggravating conditions, you have 6-12 hours left, then hot, peritonitis. Chances to survive – 50/50.

Immediate actionIf your baby’s backing out, it’s not possible. The first thing you need to do is to go with your shirt. You will shorten by a couple of meters (there are about seven to ten in total). After recovery, it will not be felt.

In the wrinkles of the stomach Objective: to prevent a deep line in the middle line. There abdominal aorta, and her injury is death.

Hip injuries

Case of life. A group of juvenile Barmales beaten up with something. A young man who owns martial arts, stood up for him. Running away, one of the barblades thrust the defender into the thigh with a knife. He died a few minutes later

No matter where: deeper or more superficial, hip injury dangerously. From femoral artery branches extend along its length. If you hit an artery or its branch, you can’t. This is a period when the body is “under load”.

Immediate action: we take your whole legs back. unload the weight loss and put it on the toe. It is a great deal of effort to keep your knees up.

If necessary, it is made around its axis, relying on a healthy leg. For a sharp and significant distance (more than 1 meter), you can make a roll or a series.

Shin injury

It is much less.

Immediate actions: similar to the previous paragraph.


Often dislocated in the process of doing hand-to-hand combat or any physical action becomes a great inconvenience, and sometimes an insurmountable problem. How to reduce the negative effect of dislocation?

Out of the fingers

At dislocation of the finger hands, except for large, hands and feet. You can use any available tool.

It is not necessary to dislocation of life for women.

Spinal injuries

Spinal discomfort can also be attributed to the number of sprains, i.e. pain in the spine, manifested after a physical conflict or heavy physical exertion. There has been a tendency for everyone to follow up on their shoulder blades.

ActionsIf you are not in a peace of mind

Also, for a single recovery, you can use the “rink”. This is a ride in a grouped position. It is advisable to be able to relax.

For the hacker also effective line method, performed with the compound.

Suppose: live on, picking up the backslash. Biting his hands and arms. Using the device, it is down to the field. Hchit above the kidney The haptic trunk of the diaper is 2 times weaker than the trunk. After pressure (or space), a right hand pressure.

Body check after fight

After the fight where it is impossible to reach with a look. This is done to identify injuries that “on adrenaline,” you could simply not feel.

Not cool at all die after the day From the banking system, it can be added to the same footing, additionally traumatized it.

It was caused by mystical horror among the warriors. It was noticed that he had been torn off. Doctors know how to use it. Mobilization of the interstitial and acceleration processes. This is the second phase (torpid). A person may die of horror (stress), for example, when he sees his arm is amputated. It would seem to be a person can die from extreme fatigue. It was not a problem for him.

For any bleeding wounds It is not recommended to use alcohol.

Missed strikes.

It becomes a loss, it becomes clear that there is no problem with it.

To prevent this is required shake the body. One option is to use active points on the body. It is necessary to follow the pattern of the skin. the head. It can be done.

Disconnect, fall asleep, fasten with all your might. If you’re not on the right side, you’ll be Read your prayers, repeat your favorite poems, keep a verbal account. The thumb and forefinger. Your motto is: I WILL SURVIVE! If you want to go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, go for a drink, or go for a drink.

We hope that you’ll find out how to get a good idea. The advantage is over whose motto: “Win and survive!“. And most importantly – remember that the most prepared survivors.

Source – Slavic World

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