Extreme medicine: self-removal of the appendix

In the photo above – Leonid Rogozov removes his own appendicitis. 1961

Removal of the inflamed appendix – It is a training program. For example, it’s not a problem. So no by yourself remove your appendix can not.

But if there is a chance for survival, then it can be done. Official medicine has registered one (!) Case on a professional surgeon appendicitis removal. How did he do it? Now find out.

1961 Arctic station Novolazarevskaya. During the winter season, Leonid Rogozov. He wants to know where to travel, it’s absolutely not flying, BUT appendicitis continues to progress …

Appendicitis – inflammation of the appendix of the cecum. It is characterized by, as a rule, and other general inflammatory symptoms. If not treated, there are two options. The first (and most unlikely) bothers of everybody. The second (most frequent) process breaks, peritonitis begins (large-scale inflammation of the peritoneum).

Rogozov, of course, knew all this, since at that time he had already had a certain experience. It’s badly to the polar station. Hopes for a favorable option ended quickly, even despite all measures taken by conservative treatment. The situation is rapidly deteriorating. Therefore, the surgeon appendix removal.

What he, in fact, had to do on his own:

  • Process the transaction field
  • Introduce local anesthesia
  • Cutting the skin
  • Find out a scion remove appendix
  • Suturing the gut
  • Sew the peritoneum, muscle layer and skin

Technically, it’s pretty simple. In our time, such operations are trusted. And for a professional and experienced surgeon. But not the case.

What could be the difficulty?

  • The operative field is hard to see. It has been adapted for the system of mirrors.
  • It is difficult to find an adequate dose of analgesic. It couldn’t be confused.
  • The inflamed process could be stupidly tear as a result of careless actions. And this is fraught with peritonitis, which will cure yourself already. Everything was done extremely slowly and cautiously, but almost at the last moment.
  • Blood loss, which does not compensate. At the end, Rogozov was extremely weak, but remained conscious.
  • Time. The doctor is taking more care. Every 5 minutes of work – it would have completely failed and remove appendix would not work.

In short, the picture is as follows. The stern man lies on his back. If you’re falling in love, you’re not getting any help. And so almost 2 hours.

After being wiped out after a period of 2 days, Petersburg Institute of Physiopulmonology and died only in 2000.

Why do we even talk about it? Vivals, gentlemen, sofa He has been a team of trained personalities. And not from survival theorists. And with ordinary people who need for survival.

The medicine

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