Extreme power sources. Amphibians – frogs and toads

Man is not just standing on the top of the food chain. In extreme situations, he can eat almost anything. After all, personal survival is a matter of course and habits. There is a lot of risk of psychological trauma. Therefore, it can be a question.

Speaking of frogs. Few people know, but they are actively consumed throughout the world. And not only for those who want to eat it, it’s not. But first things first.

Amphibians are extremely ancient and relatively small class of animals. Despite the name, there are many For example, it will be a lot more than a road to the ground floor, it will be on the ground floor. But we are much more interested in frogs – a species that is very widespread in Europe and Russia. This is a pop-eyed creature. Most often – convulsively diving into the water at the slightest sound. Let’s just say it is weakly associated with food.

He had not dragged it in his mouth. It is never a crap, but it is very tasty. That’s the same with frogs. The deadly poisonous. Fortunately, it is not possible to harm.

Contrary to popular belief, a hind legs. It’s just that there really is more meat. Yes, and prepare them in a special way. It becomes white and dense. They say – like a chicken. Where they are even called “rice chickens.” But we digress. So you can eat frogs entirely. Skin bones and viscera. And in some South Asian restaurants, fried frog skin is even served separately. They say the chips look like.

Concerning toads, then everything is a little more complicated. There are poisonous glands, which certainly are not necessary. Everything else is quite edible. Only the legs are smaller and not so fleshy. Both toad and frog meat can be fried, boiled and stewed. In short, the little meat.

But a lost person. Therefore, it is very easy to get rid of the skin. How will the crust – pull out. It is possible to grate for taste pepper or garlic. There can be found there on the shore. The dish is quite simple, but tasty and nutritious.

But the frog must still somehow catch. These amphibians are not only stupid to impossibility. They are cold-blooded for a long time. It sees that it cann’t be stupid. Therefore, you can easily stick to a simple network and go hunting. If you’re doing something, you can fill yourself up with it. What is good, they rarely have to be afraid of anything.

This is the most compere you can see. But seriously, it’s easier to eat the six-legged beetle or a larva. The idea of ​​the edible and the edible. ALREADY someone eats and praises – everything becomes a little easier. If you can’t make up your mind, don’t be upset. The fish is not so fastidious and they readily peck on frog meat. Try to try your luck in fishing.

Extreme power sources. Amphibians &# 8212; frogs and toads

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