Extreme Power Supplies: Jellyfish

Many cultures and civilizations developed in close contact with the sea. It gave the most important thing – an almost inexhaustible source of food. Fishing, collection of edible crabs, fishing, coastal mammals and birds, great opportunities. After all, almost all marine life. You just need to know how to cook.

In this case, it is worth taking it up. It can be a great deal. Seriously, it’s a bit tiled up. The Japanese eat, for example, jellyfish. But it is not always the same. But first things first.

Jellyfish – edible

In fact, any jellyfish is such a gelatinous bag, in which the intestines occupy the main place. This is a primitive organism that causes a painful and sometimes fatal burns. It is a jellyfish, preys on a small plankton.

It has already been understood. But the gelatinous dome is very much so. That it can be eaten. This is a jellyfish, called Rhopilema esculenta or Ropilema, which is edible in that form. But this is optional. Much more often such jellyfish are the first salmon solution for many days. It can be stored for a long time. Immediately before cooking, such as carcass should be soaked in water – remove excess salinity. And then – fry in oil for a minute. Will not be any longer tasteless.

Although it is not a good idea, it’s not. Go very well to the jellyfish. You can also cook jellyfish (again – no more than a few minutes), pickle, dry, dry meat.

Cooking jellyfish

But this is “high” cooking. It is not to say the least. Here we can recommend the following. There is a jellyfish that has been gently pulled out of the water (will be pinch). Next, the tentacles and the mantle are removed. This is a rather complicated procedure, because it is very soft and fragile. If you want to make it clear, then you can drink it. This is a little tastier. If there is little water, you can proceed to the final stage. The carcass is placed in water for literally ten seconds. Seriously, it’s a jellyfish, but it’s also preserve its nutritional value. It is best served with a side dish of algae and various edible mollusks found nearby. At the same time, it is very nutritious and useful. He is of course, he is not allowed to receive his jellyfish.

Most importantly, remember about safety. It is possible to use jellyfish only in protective gloves. In case of your eyes, mouth and other sensitive areas. If this happens, wash it in the affected area. In addition, it is where the stinging cells are hidden. If everything is done correctly, then you’ll get it perfectly combined with other seafood. It is important that it is spent on water, for example, or fishing.

Extreme Power Supplies: Jellyfish

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