Extreme Power Supplies: Mice and Rats

Whatever vegans and hipsters say, man is an omnivorous being. Moreover, it is a wonder when you’re a South Asian or African heartland. Wouldn’t even look. It is a great advantage. Found something creeping or jumping, ate and was pleased. It is the ability to find food. But getting into the insects is extremely difficult. It is better for mammals, for example, with small mammals. Moreover, it’s not a problem. It is even easier for the imperial table. But let’s start from the beginning.

Who are the rats?

Rodents are not only the most successful. It has been a great deal of effort. If you aren’t a little animal, you can’t get it. But, alas, rats and mice are considered extremely dangerous. But there is a lot of ways to get them. Why not compensate for their loss by themselves? But then the main problem is how to catch this clever and cautious beast?

Fishing rats

There is a huge number of ways to meet these harmful, but rather tasty, rodents. Europeans, for example, prefer professional animals – dogs, cats and ferrets. Asians are doing easier. It is easy to get there. And it is there that he is being hunted. It is a massive round-up. A large number of emergency exits. Therefore, there are some holes that can be hunted down. Some of the animals are choking, some are beginning to flee. It is trying to escape frantically. Only a few people escape. The rest of the carcasses begins. The burrowing rodents Simple snares and traps are also quite effective.

Rodent cooking

There are quite a few ways to cook a rat. The cut and cut off the head and tail, and the stupidly roast on the fire. A special delicacy are small rat pups and little mice. They are fried and eaten whole, including fragile bones and entrails. Here is a traditional Indian recipe. 4 medium rats are taken in a mixture of salt, salt and garlic. After that – roast oil for 6-8 minutes until a crust appears. Serve with various sauces, rice and vegetables.

In the Asian markets, you can try another traditional dish – rats, fried on a spit. They are again gutted, marinated and fried like the most common shish kebab.

It is a recipe for the broth. And then you’ve been boiled tasty meat during life?


However, not everything is so rosy. Already mentioned, rats are carriers of a number of dangerous infectious diseases. And not the rats themselves, but the fleas. Therefore, it is possible to use as much as possible. Strong gloves are also needed because an unfinished rat can bite painfully and unpleasantly. In short, you can take a risk.

You can save lives. Seriously, if BP comes, then rats and cockroaches will survive for sure. You can always think of something with cockroaches.

Extreme Power Supplies: Mice and Rats

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