Extreme shelter in the forest

It is clear that you’ll be willing to stay alive. It’s a no-brainer. Actually, one of the aspects of this survival, namely the construction extreme shelters, we’ll talk today.

The most worthless option – spending the night under a tree

Let’s go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. Only clothes. It is still a pleasure to live. We don’t consider the possibility of a small animal. It is a cold. It’s a cold weather. You cann’t eliminate any damage extreme shelter:

  • There is a large spreading tree with a thick trunk.
  • But it is a small fallen tree.
  • It is protected from the wind.
  • You will be thrown back in the rain.
  • If you have your feet, you can warm up.

Why is all this necessary. It is not a warmer than just on the ground. It will be your dream. Plus, there is a chance. In the absence of an alternative extreme shelter – help only little It is not necessary to make sure that you can stumble, fall and break something.

Moderately worthless option – there is something to work

It can be found in your pocket. There is already much more room for maneuver. Can you process branches. And this, in fact, you have to.

  • Small trees, thin trees.
  • Trees are strung around a central trunk with shoelaces or a string. It turns out an improvised “umbrella”.
  • The “umbrella” is reinforced by long cone-shaped poles.
  • Branches with leaves. It turns out something like a tile. It is not necessary to penetrate into the tent.
  • We collect as much as possible.

Total, you get a very high quality extreme shelter, which somehow protects from rain and wind. Possible difficulty – the rope and laces. In this case, you can make an improvised rope of bark. Bark with thin stripes. While they are still fresh – knit knots. The knot is additionally tightened and you will untie it. It is not always possible to find conveniently standing trees.

The least shitty option – there is a stocked backpack

Option three – you have a backpack with contents. And there was found a plastic film. Yes, she has been taken since she was often taken. But we have no tents, but extreme shelter still to be built. So.

  • It is a very large tree, which is a very small tree.
  • Hell
  • It can be tied up.
  • We stretch the film. If it’s enough for litter, great. If not, do not hang loose. It makes it possible to protect it against the wind.
  • For bedding – they should be as much as possible.
  • We make a small fire near the feet. It will be maintained in this state all night. In this case, it is strongly not necessary to set fire on fire.

In the case of cold dryers, there is no loss of time. In a word, you can sleep. The situation doesn’t have to do.

And now about the sad. Even if you can build a high-quality extreme shelter, this is not a guarantee that you will not freeze. It is a normal tent. Yes, it was May. Yes, it was warm clothes and a sleeping bag. But there was no such conditions. Be either accustomed to be ready to suffer. AND

Extreme shelter in the forest

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