FABRIK: the new Urban Tactical knives line

Knife Creator Mikkel Williamsen from Urban Tactical Launches New knife line FABRIK c to make your products more affordable. Already released model “Tyran”, and soon three more additional models will be ready for production.

For this series, Veljamssen specially developed a copy design model. famous knife, corresponding to its standard, but decisive one of the main problems of all masters of knife business:

“I have a lot of connoisseurs who would like to purchase my products, but who are not willing to pay $ 1,000 for a knife.”

The prototype of the original & quot; Tyran & quot;Prototype of the original “Tyran”

This is despite the fact that he already has enough orders for custom knives, And some of the time is spent on cooperation with various companies that liked the design of the master. So other potential buyers will have to wait a bit until the schedule becomes less busy.

New FABRIK line led a model called “Tyran”. This is a bright and rather ergonomic folding knife with a frame-lock mechanism, weighing only 4.5 ounces (127 grams).

“It is very convenient, and this, as for me – the most important thing for knives intended for regular use.”

He also focused on the enlarged chute, located on a 3.5 inch (about 9 cm) blade type drop point.

“The chute in the blade is my signature feature. The hunters who choose my knives find it useful, but I just wanted to make the tool more stylish. ”

In the near future, another 3 models are planned. FABRIK lines. He expects that budget versions will be available sometime around Christmas. famous knives “Sugga” and “Mad Dog”. Moreover, it will also duplicate all its further developments for FABRIK. And although “Tyran” it is still quite expensive, plans to further reduce the cost – at least up to $ 100. Therefore, cooperation with other companies will be the main focus of the wizard.

Along with the transition to a new style of knives, Williamsen also stopped taking individual orders according to the catalog. Instead, he is going to make what he wants himself, and then sell these models through various sources.

“I have not stopped working with custom knives “I just don’t work with individual orders anymore.”

Source – Mikkel Willumsen Founds New FABRIK Production Line

Editor’s note. Really. Finally, someone realized that you can sell 1 knife for 1000 bucks to a rich connoisseur, or you can 30 knives for 100 bucks to ordinary people who love quality things. Here that it has reached all these developers of custom products. Well, seriously, will any of you buy original knifeTyran»For $ 900? But 400 bucks for “FABRIK Tyran“No longer seem such a terrible amount. But yes, it is better to wait until the master reaches the promised amount of $ 100. It may well be that he will succeed.

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