Facial care for xenomorphs

Well, did you turn pale at once, darling? Hey, hey, hey, faint then why fall down? Well, this was frightened. How hard it is to live on this planet! And call themselves a civilization! But whats the value of hv in the bushes? Is that the way a lady is met? Hello, offered to go somewhere. So no, I rushed into the bushes like an elk during the rut.

Well, yes, my skin now gives me a little green stuff. So what? It is not clear that it was not possible to use it. My thought, everyone thought to take off my face, I thought the carnival costume.

And today I went to a beauty salon. It is necessary to bring the claws in order, and then break off while climbing the skyscraper. So she tried to climb under the counter. Sitting on aquarium, holding a pair of goldfish, two catfish and a turtle between them. Here’s a scream! Civilization, damn it. I love you tidy up my little girl. I’m a woman!

Yes! I want to be whistled after me and wink meaningfully. I want them to give me bouquets and sing serenades. For me, as it should be! What is the result? The punkly young man, caught up with a cigarette. Thu! Well, what would you do? To nag claws – to polish a tail? No, I, of course, the woman is modern, and I will manage myself. But you want professional care.

I get a taxi driver for me when I’m trying to get it. And nobody wants my money. And nobody wants me. Well, damn, civilization! I will fly to hell on Sirius. I have been there for a long time. Hey, lady, get up! I’m leaving so close to the door. Yes, and remove those who want to breathe.

Facial care for xenomorphs

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