Facts about firearms

“Why do we need more capacity stores?” – I recommend to read.

Before reading, watch the video (18+)

Closer to the body

An ordinary shooter is on the shooting range, practiced in the extraction, aiming, defeat stationary targets. But it’s not a mistake. For the shooting and hitting the target. Compare these numbers with statistics.

The situation is on the average. 0.211 seconds 0.895 For the signal, time averaged 0.365 seconds to the position of “finger on the descent.” Time to remove the weapon – 1.19 seconds Time to lift the trunk – 0.59 seconds Time to overcome 15 feet (4.5 meters) – 1.28 seconds

Hit points

It has been a couple of times before dying.

According to medical experts, the wound is 85%! Kenny Voghan from North Carolina received 20 bullets from a distance of 5 feet and survived! Bullets in the body, they may need three, four, or five. You need to shoot, until the same place.

Moving targets

It is inconvenient due to the distance. Melee are different. The distance in the pistol.


This is something we cannot avoid in a stressful situation, especially in a shootout for life and death. There are a lot of things to do. It is good for adrenaline.

When it comes to your vision, it’s impairment of hearing, difficulty breathing, and the like. There is a simple solution – breathe deeply.

4 facts about the conduct of firearms, which must be considered

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