Fallout shelter

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Fallout shelter – It seems to be preparing a version for Android. It was a lot of time, since I spent the nights in the fallout 4, I spent the nights at the back. Oh, what were the times …

In short – the game is charming and beautiful. You build your bunker, shelter, shelter. Three resources – energy, water and food. Hey, it is a … Shelter … Along the way, repeating the attacks of the raiders, and extinguishing fires, and crushing cockroaches. Well, in general, you all understand the Sims.

It is a woman who has been able to work. fight. The result – I now have all the women in the bunker carrying children. Well, after the disaster?

Additionally – clothes, weapons, armor, levels, and the SPECIAL system. Style and graphics from the same place. Everything is beautiful and pleasant. For true fans of the series – must have.

I’ll start rebuilding from scratch while describing the gameplay. If I have not been expelled from the editorial office before. Although what is laziness? Building a bunker is very, very difficult … and interesting!

Fallout shelter

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