Family refuge: your own hands

It is not a good deal. bunker. Especially for those Last day club – “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!It’s not a problem. shelter on a country site.

Bureaucracy is not required

To build a small shelters However, it can be kept during construction. bunkerbut. Before construction, it is desirable to find out.

Measure groundwater level

The order of the underground bunker The depth of water is turned into a pool with water. In this case, it is nearby. For the watering of the groundwater.

You can also seek advice from your water source.

Build bunker, Of course, you need above the groundwater level at least 50 centimeters. For example, the water should not be more than 3.5 meters.

Specialists conducting such work, argue that the ideal depth bunker 4 meters closer to groundwater build good shelter It is unlikely to be comfortable and functional.

Home base

It is important to choose the right place for construction. bunker. Some homeowners prefer to arrange bunker right under the house, almost in the basement. But experts do not agree with this location. Equip like shelter it is clear that it has been the case. bunker.

Location shelters 15 meters from the building. In addition, there is no need for communication systems.

And the entrance to shelter, according to the expert, it is better to disguise. For example, it can be placed on a wooden outdoor toilet or tool shed. Typically, these structures are among the plants that bunker most invisible to the eyes.

Taking measurements

Before embarking on construction bunker, need to calculate its area. Considering that bunkersheltersIt is not necessary to use the square meter. Thus, for an average family, the area of ​​such premises will be 9-12 “squares”.

Short stay bunker

If a bunker It can be used to make it completely. It’s not.

Moreover, it doesn’t require any complex engineering solutions, whether it is ventilation or heating.

For a small shelters There are two pipes leading to the surface. Specialized air cleaning systems for such shelters also not needed.

You can limit the dust-proof ventilation filter, which can be made independently of gauze or fiberglass. This is a list of power supplies that have been made.

According to the concept itself shelters does not provide long term stay. Underwear and other camping accessories.

18 cubic meters will cost about 300 thousand rubles. Whereas land works are not fully supported independently. It is unlikely to exceed 50 thousand rubles.

Long stay bunker

Who want to arrange bunker, where you can travel for a long time, you are advised to build bunker Square meters of square meters of square meters

Building shelters begin with trench, and when it digging the foundation of the future bunker and, accordingly, make “allowances” on them. For example, the base plate will be 23 centimeters. Walls of the pit it is necessary to improve

Before pouring foundation slabs It is necessary to prepare the baseline for 20-30 centimeters of rubble or sand. It is better to reinforce the foundation floor. It becomes stiffen and becomes durable.

Complete the foundation, you can proceed to wall installation. Experts recommend using white solid brick with masonry reinforcement every 3 rows with metal mesh or wire. Masonry thickness maybe half a brick. The laying height must be at least 2.2 meters.

The next step is roof construction. Roof overlap 4 cm thick sheets of metal. For layers, for layers, for example, 2 layers of dense polyethylene are suitable. Thereafter bunker covered with earth. Sign in bunker equipped with a tight-fitting hermetic door-hatch and a wooden staircase for the descent. Herd door For laying insulation strips from a rubber tube. In addition to the main entrance, the device bunker it should be an emergency exit. For waterproofing shelters Waterproofing.

With a separate door. Estimated cost of such bunker, built from his own hands, will range from 75 to 130 thousand rubles.

Engineering and household equipment

In order to hold out in bunker It can be used to ensure that it can be cleaned. However, you can also arrange in bunker It can be used for air conditioning systems. The cost of such a system starts from 100 thousand rubles. However, this will be the only significant expenditure line during construction. shelters.

This is a system for an autonomous energy source. Corre in bunker There are 10 liters. To save space sleeping places in bunker settled in the form of bunk beds.

Strategic stock

The main strategic stock in bunker is water, you need to stock as much as possible – 200-300 liters. Food should be canned, canned food of various cereals – they are nutritious and stored for a long time.

There is a cotton adhesive pad, a cotton pad, and a rubber gauge masks. It can be noted that it can be in accordance with the circumstances of the family.

Finally, besides warehouses with food and medicines, bunkere order to conduct “reconnaissance” raids to the surface. Protective clothing and a flashlight.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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