Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

A family survival system refers to a distinctive DIY system structured to help any family that has problems leaving it safely and effortlessly. The system is a creation of Frank Mitchell (former member of the Armed Forces of the United States). This system of self-help not only prepares your family for any future crisis, but also frees you from that crisis.

The system focuses mainly on the financial crisis that threatens the US financial sector.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

According to Mitchell and all those who perceive the financial crisis in the same way as he, the next financial calamity is imminent. Through its unique guide, it offers invaluable ways to survive the unexpected.

The objectives of the system.

  • The system will guide you on how to identify the risks (possible signs to pay attention to) and on how to prepare in advance (what to do) for such risks.
  • The system will guide you to create more than enough drinking water for you and your family to survive a calamity for months.
  • The system will explain how you can continue enjoying your delicious homemade meals, regardless of whether you have gas and electricity supply.
  • The system will guide you to save lives without necessarily having any medical skill and experience.
  • Through the system, you can determine the right type of firearm you must have in order to protect your family when they are in danger.
  • Through the system, you can create a fully equipped medical kit that not only covers you, but also the rest of your family. The kit that comes will definitely cost you less compared to buying a commercial medical kit.
  • Through the system, you can gather the right kind of food that can help you survive. You will know what kind of food you need to look for and how to keep it for a long time.
  • Through the system, you will learn the necessary skills you will need to find food when a survival situation surprises you.
  • Through the system, you can create a safe home that you and your family can seek refuge in when disaster strikes.
  • Through the system, you can gather invaluable information that is vital to surviving an emergency / disaster.
  • The system will teach you how to locate the best places for your family to seek refuge in case everyone faces a calamity.
  • In general, the system will teach and transform you into a definitive survivor, a family that can go through everything and anything to stay alive.

The system design

The system provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the following:

  • The people of threat face in the present world in the United States.
  • The temperament of your family along with how it affects your preparations.
  • The jokers and other variables.
  • The prepper triangle.
  • Leadership skills for the prepper checklist.
  • The main survival ingredient – food.
  • Landing out against.
  • Home defense for the prepper family.
  • The hybrid situation.
  • Beginning to Prepare.

The topics mentioned above are the main points of discussion in this survival system.

According to the system, you will not comply with your death due to disastrous events such as the day of final judgment. In contrast, the end of the American people is completely and completely defined by the events that take place in the world today.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

The most popular events signaled by the system include: failures in extended power, natural events, war and acts of terrorism, and government infringement. Prolonged power failures can easily increase due to overload, outdated and prone to mains failure in the US. UU According to the system, the electricity grid is vulnerable to piracy, external attacks, hurricanes and storms.

It has been proven that natural events impose devastating effects on the American people, including: geomagnetic storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, forest fires, mudslides, flash floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Most of these events can be unstoppable, but you can manage the risk by planning ahead. The probability that the United States is under attack is definitely high.

The most common war and acts of terrorism include: biological terrorism, radiological terrorism, cyber terrorism and attacks by EMP. According to the system, the government is constantly violating the ability of an American to protect himself from the dangers that lie ahead.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

One of the most important concepts of the system that should certainly motivate you to use the guide is the prepper triangle. The system clearly elaborates the importance of a prepper when analyzing in detail the contents of the prepper triangle. Basically, the prepper triangle consists of skills, knowledge Y gear.

The system defines a skill as a process that produces a positive result when it is carried out successfully. Knowledge is defined as objective information that you know in regards to survival. Gear refers to the tools with which it is equipped. The system will help you acquire the following information about prepper.

Who is a prepper with respect to the survival system?

To understand and appreciate the system, you must first understand who is a prepper in regards to survival. In simple terms, a prepper is a person who prepares himself with enthusiasm for the unexpected. In his preparation, he or she will include possible interruptions in scales, political order or social order in society. You need to be able to make a clear distinction between a prepper and a survivor. This is so, since he may mistakenly refer to himself as a prepper and, however, only be a survivor.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

To begin with, both a survivor and a prepper tend to fear the same problems, many of which are unexpected / emergency / disastrous. You can better define a survivor as someone who tries to ensure their personal survival or the survival of their family.

On the other hand, a prepper is simply the same as a survivor, but implements virtually all determinations to ensure survival. A prepper will not only understand the system, but will go ahead and implement all the guidelines offered by the system.

Preparation skills

There are many prepper skills you will learn; However, the most important are:

  • Start a fire
  • Purify water
  • Sharpen a knife
  • Refill ammunition
  • Apply a tourniquet
  • Perform CPR
  • Using a compass to navigate
  • Start a compost pile
  • Kitchen
  • Change the car oil

Prepper knowledge

To be a good prepper, you need to have the right knowledge of prepper. According to the system, you can acquire knowledge of the following: medical textbooks; agricultural and gardening manuals; first aid manuals; online videos; military field manuals; vehicle service manuals; and communication reference manuals.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

The knowledge that you must acquire must include, among others:

  • Rethinking your mentality
  • Learn basic cooking skills
  • Learn basic canning methods.
  • Know how to calculate the amount of water you need.
  • Financial learning
  • Learn how to put together a long-term medical kit

Preparation team

The Survival System provides you with extensive knowledge in regards to the tools you need to do things. The most important gear indicated by the system includes, among others, the following:

  • Water filter
  • Survival radio
  • Weapon
  • A complete medical / first aid kit.
  • A survival knife

The system considers that food is one of the most important things for survival. The guide insists on the importance of what you need to survive and not on what you can pack. From the guide it is clear that the lack of food can lead to a series of unfortunate situations that can reduce the chances of survival.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

Such unfortunate situations include: lack of concentration, excessive sleepiness, confusion and loss of coordination. All the above is essential if you want to come out of a disaster, live and in family. As a preparer, you are required to know the foods that will be of value to you and your family and those that will not.

Preparing for an emergency or disaster can be a long-term thing. Therefore, you must use foods that not only are not perishable, but also require minimal maintenance. According to the system, the most appropriate food that meets the requirements is canned food.

Canned foods have the following benefits: they are cheap; There are many types of canned foods (fish, fruits, vegetables, cereals); they have a long lifespan; they require minimal storage considerations; and they are available worldwide. The system makes it clear that food is everything and is one of the key ingredients to survive any situation.

How important is the Survival System?

The aforementioned facts have summarized what this system is about. The system provides you with valuable pieces of information and advice. The developer (Frank Mitchell) reveals to his audience the impending economic crisis and how its creation can help keep it safe, alive and prosperous. You will notice that the system is presented in units.

Each unit organizes different ideas through checklists. The structure of the system presents it as a guide instead of an ordinary publication. There is not much for you to do; All you have to do is follow the steps and information provided by the system to the end to keep your family safe.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

The system is particularly important if you are not the most organized person. It helps you avoid the reproduction of ideas by ear and reveals the importance of a checklist. The checklist simply lists each specialty requirement and provides a space for you to mark the items.

It is clear that the checklist system will ensure that you do not forget anything important; It will be very unfortunate to face a calamity, only to realize that you forgot the most important things your family needs to survive. The system checklist is provided in the past tense, which simply indicates that you have already achieved what is indicated at the time you check the box.

The system certainly helps you distinguish between needs and wants when it comes to your family’s survival. Choosing what you and your family need can be particularly difficult because, in most cases, you can end up replacing needs with needs. You should not see preparation as a process that denies you what you always want.

Instead, you should see preparation as a way to create balance between needs and desires. The survival system elaborates this for you. For example, the system recommends canned products for survival. On the other hand, you may want something else, but canned products seem to be convenient when you consider all the factors.

Family Survival System: Objectives, Layout and Importance of The System

Learning to purify water on your own is also a valuable skill. The system provides you with invaluable information regarding water purification techniques. According to the system, boiling has always been an effective way to purify water and generally does the job. However, boiling is not always available, especially when you struggle to survive a calamity. As an alternative, the system encourages you to use the solar disinfection method (SODIS).

According to Mitchell, the previous purification method has proven to be very effective in removing bacteria from water. This method of purification provided by the system has the following: easy to operate; able to eliminate bad taste and odors; eliminates bacteria, parasites and cysts; and can filter the dirt and sediment.

In conclusion

The system will provide everything you and your family may need to prepare for the unexpected. Ensures that you are equipped with the ideal defenses to keep your family functioning when faced with a long-term power shortage, lack of government assistance, a financial crisis and natural disasters.

What Mitchell formed is an original survival system that provides him with irresistible survival tactics that, without a doubt, will force him to take the final steps. As you review the content and mark the specialty requirements, you will know exactly what you must do to get things done and make sure your family survives.           

Preparation basics

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