Famous surgeon sacrificed his hand to save a woman from a gangster

“Why do you need a weapon? Will be able to protect citizens of honor! ”- this is how our state, and various hoplofobs, respond to those firearms for self defense. That’s just in reality, everything is a little different – “When robbed – then contact me.” It can be only rely on yourself and your skills. Fortunately, not only and not always.

24 February. Moscow region. Zhukovsky. Arthur Sahakyan, Rest a small forest. It was necessary to go through the road. As it turned out, it could. It was slowly robbing. It is precisely that the victim is screaming, trying to break free. But it’s quietly going to their dreams. But not only in operating rooms can save doctors.

Saakyan’s approach. And he, taking advantage of the surprise, struck him 3 blows to the jaw, which he cut down. And then – in the text. Calling the police, waiting for handing over an unconscious body, drawing up a protocol. And at the same time my arm hurts a lot. As the X-rays later showed, it was a closed fracture of the bones of the hand. It would be logical, because I would have been at least a week. 2. It will, of course, not be able to work normally.

The guy is definitely a good young man. However, since at least 2 weeks since the surgeon couldn’t be able to operate, it’s not possible. He had been with him gun for self defense? It has been decided that you have ended up much faster, right? And the losses would be less.


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