Features nutrition scout in the conflict zone. Part 2

In addition to the main ration, during combat operations, the reconnaissance group was provided with additional food. There are no limits on how much you can expect. But here everything depended on the rear men.

Almost in all detachments, from Bamut to Novogroznensky, juice was given out. Juices were mainly fruit and mineral water, from various manufacturers. Moreover, manufacturers differed by year. In one year, “Vico” juices, in another year “Some kind of garden”, etc. It was possible to determine the juice of the products. I wanted to keep it clear, I’m not sure what it means. Especially good was orange.

It was not clear that it was a good idea to make it out. Juices were mainly fruit: apple, grape, orange. Vegetable, I mean my favorite tomato, I only met in first chechen campaign, Yes, and very rarely. Leaving the “task”, quite often issued juice in packages. It is a race for women to keep it. I liked the recipe when it came to the water, and then I made it. Not sweet and sour, quite qualitatively removes thirst for a long time.

Also included intelligence equipment (first echelon equipment) enters the flask. The most common were ordinary army units at 800 grams. The bottle is small. He didn’t want to get plastic bottles. It is a fact that you’ll get it. Shouting after you and shouting out: “I’ve been given the consignment note!”.

It can be stolen somewhere from a ponderingly wandering infantryman, But there are still advantages in this nondescript vessel. Water can be boiled directly in it. Just remove it from the cover first. Boil a whole flask, and quickly enough. It is not necessary to unscrew the cork. It is a little bit of a trick, and you can understand that you can understand it. Although it is possible to understand that it was possible to understand that it would be possible to understand that it would be possible to understand it.

Why? Yes, everything is very simple – in a plastic bottle, you can also boil water and brew tea. Fill the bottom of the lid of the water,, not does does does does does does does watch watch watch watch watch watch watch Water is boiled. Well, yes, it is clear that the water boils. The water boiled, you can throw out the bottle, it’s quite a normal boiling water. It is a pity that I don’t remember this law.

Well, why am I telling all this? The water can be boiled in water. It is exactly what you need. What else can you say about the water. Now you can’t bother much and not flipping textbooks “grandfather Ovcharenko“, Carefully outlining the ways water disinfection. It is now for both industrial and civilian production: “Spring”, “Geyser” and others. Individual filtering service, pass through the engineering service.

There are a lot of disinfecting pills too –Aquababs“And”Pantotsid“But it gives you a little bit of help. But it really doesn’t give you any help. It’s a clear idea that it’s clear that it’s not a problem. tried on new camouflage, and the rest, frantically stuffing property into backpacks). Here again the same plastic bottle comes to the rescue. It is not a problem.

Homemade filter bottle, carefully cut them into four parts. I love you, wait for a minute. ” one of the month of socks (a piece of hemming, a handkerchief, a piece of a sleeping bag liner, etc.). We put pebbles, pebbles and etc. Bottlenecks from the fire. It is also desirable to wrap the neck itself.

It is advisable that it remains before cutting. Then it’s fastened the whole thing. There is no need for a bottle of grass and a bottle of grass. Everything, the filter is ready. Water flow through the filter. You yourself are surprised by the metamorphosis that occurred with the dirty smelly water. But the filtered water is still better to boil.

Well, if there is a bag of water, then it can be taken. For patient, there is no need for any further information. In the condensate for you from 100 to 200 grams of water, it is the result. If you don’t die from dehydration before, well, or make coffee.

By the way about coffee. What is a noble drink? One of the scouts infantry shovel brewed me that tastes like coffee. Although it’s not always a forest kitchen, it’s more delicious than the brewed dandelion roots. But if you have “Pele” or “thirty-three in one”, then you can think about dried roots.

It is also recommended that the group commander, especially during the long transitions. But since most intelligence officers become conscious only after … the 15th exit, and even with clashes, then taldychit “unreasonable”: “Do not drink the cattle, you will become a kid, leg swollen, then you will come out!” – it is useless. Anyway, it’s eagerly to get a bottleneck, and then it will go: “leave decl!”. The bottle is already empty. Will gasp and head spin. With this way, it is very easy. We must go on the contrary. I wanted to drink a little bit. For a while, quench thirst, and water slowly comes out naturally. I wanted to sip more – please.

Only here is the problem – constantly having to or take off. flask from the belt, or get a bottle of pocket from a backpack. Go to the store “Camel beck“It’s a problem.” “Three-liter American” hot-water bottle “with a hundred bucks?

Although it is a question, it can be a question. again, overhead, and so on. Most, of course, the magician arrives in a blue helicopter and gives you “Camel beck“However, miracles do not happen. Although I still gave you some good guys” accessory “. It’s not a bad idea to get out of the box.

If I’m leading to the hands and … .. a plastic bottle, then you can build it yourself. A plastic bottle still has a dropper on it. That’s all you need. It is a woman who has lost her life on her back. whatever you like. If you’re trying to make it out of the boxCamel beck“Not even the cost of maintenance. I want you to be water-sipped (“sucked”).

I think that’s enough about liquids, because this topic can be developed and exaggerated infinitely.

There were both canned food – both meat and fish were given out. In the first campaign, the assortment of canned meat was not very rich. Baby cane of pork and beef stew. Pork, as I wrote above, was good only when chilled. Of the fish – mainly “Saira” and “Sprat in a tomato”.

For the second campaign, the range was much more diverse. There are also a lot of foreign production in the past. The jar of the jar are not so jolly and are absorbed with pleasure. In the same banks issued “Chickens”. It was a lot of bangs, it was a lot of bangs and it was chilled. Also, in the campaign of the two thousandth years, fish preserves were pleased with a wide variety. In addition to “saury” and “kilka”, “Pink salmon”, “Salmon”, “Sardines”, and “Sprats” .

It is a good idea to get sausage and cheese. The sausage was, of course, not always very good quality, and all the workers had to be cleaned. A team is usually knocked out.doppake»In the form of dried sausage stick. Sometimes it’s not necessary to make a difference.

It has been given that it can be in jars. Food was issued in groups. Also in the banks often issued butter, slightly sweet and overheated. It was a time when it used to be for cooking.

Since 2004, a variety of “delicacies” in colorful packages began to flow into the grouping. “Pork in Stroganov’s style with potatoes”, “Pilaf” and others. In a dense insulating package. For some time. “Pork in Stroganov”, that “lamb with green peas”. If they fell out in some suitable container.

A scoop is a lard.

We need to improve the supplementary feeding, salted the fat themselves, but I don’t care. It’s also a fact that it takes precious pieces. It has been added that it has been added that it has been sprinkled. One liter bottle was enough for a five-day group. It is necessary to make it a little bit more than that.

Also received additional condensed milk in standard cans. He was simply cooked on PCB, It was transferred to the group, and it was then transferred to the group.

More on item of economic allowance cooked

It tasted like a jerky, slightly salty. It was possible to get something more substantial. I chewed, swallowed, washed down with water – that’s the whole breakfast-dinner.

When it has been cooked, it has been cut into thinnuts, then it was taken. It was not only when it was received.

Features nutrition scout in the conflict zone. Part 2

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