Features nutrition scout in the conflict zone. Part 3

Going myself

I remember myself young and stupid, gathered on the first “way out”. In ecstasy, smashed cardboard boxes and shoved jars into the MG backpack (bag-sealed). Thanksgiving for a couple of loaves of bread with me.

Then he tried to “fly up” with all this garbage. I felt like a “cormorant.” And on the halts, I felt like a voracious pig. After significant physical exertion and long transitions there .. but what is there, I wanted to eat incredibly. Yes, that somehow did not have time. It was possible to make it. When the group was already tightly basted. For the intended purpose. The commander of the group regretted my efforts.

Subsequently, I made several conclusions for myself:

  • The main “grub” does not happen much. No matter how much it is, it will still be small.
  • All the grub with a not drag. It can be a lot of time for a long time.

In the future, I developed my personal attitude. It should not be tasty. Well, all the components should be perfectly combined with each other. It has been a great deal of effort. RD-54. Well, let’s take a look at this wonderful side of the pocket and consider what we have there.

What do we have?

Exactly seven packs of Chinese noodles. Only packages. It is a scarf and it is expensive. It can be specifically reduced, significantly reducing its volume. Anyway, then the noodles will swell up and take up the volume in the starved stomach. Well, somewhere stuff five bouillon cubes, chicken, beef, pork, but not mushroom. The more diverse the cubes. Although it is dissolved in boiling water, they do not differ from each other. Add to the noodles. Three pieces of small jars of canned meat or minced meat.

Why small? The conditions are different. It will be kept free of charge. It is a little bang on the street. big big pot fromgroup kitIf you’re a little bit bored.

What else do we have there? A pack of tea. It is a waste of time and unnecessary gestures. So I just bought a box of tea bags. I just threw out the box, I’m thirsting out the box. And since I’m been a coffee lover Then, thanksgiving, I always want to give you a couple of tea recipes.special purpose“.

It was taken and was brewed to the state of the strongest “chifira”, then it was poured into a half-liiter plastic bottle. An incredible amount of sugar is poured in there – about one third of the bottle. Lemon slices. Fans may drop a little alcohol or brandy there. Here you have ready-made tea in a strong concentration. It is not a scoop. Just pour a cup of water It is not necessary to brew, nor to wring the bag. Of course, it can be used if you are used to barge. In this way, I besides tea, I made coffee. I love you for a week or two.

So what do we have there in the backpack left? The problem with sugar is solved, it is already in the bottle with tea or coffee. A few packs of biscuits – five packs of a week is enough. During the transition, enriching the body with glucose. Spoon, mug, set of “taganok, dry alcohol, matches.” That’s all. If there is a place, then there is a possibility of meat and cereal or canned meat.

The products described above are quite enough for a week, if you eat twice a day. Yes, the diet is not diverse, but it is quite nutritious and weighs not so much. It is your own personal kit. Such a set, already being in the “posts”, I always dragged with me in the “cracker”

If you were going for a long time, then I received a ration and additional food, shoving “nishtyaki” along the backpack. But the set is described as “NZ”. It is always in readiness (perhaps just tea or coffee).

About the kitchen utensils. The most important thing is to gulp it, you can pick it out. Always be in your “rusk” with a mug. By the way, I noticed that many scouts used. The water has been boosted much more than that of a lid (plus, can be knocked out). One of the scouts from the Berd Brigade (I’m a scape of the war unit), I saw an amusement of the same cans. It was a small jar. The scout showed focus. He poured water into the jar and he threw it in. Water was ready. It’s a mini-stove, it’s a hot water pump, it’s quite a compact device. powerful. There are a lot more. One thing is bad – such cartridges could be obtained only on the “big earth”. Can be bought in any hunting store.

And some stories

Alfonso, where we’ve flown around the mountain village. According to the order I’m on-the-go, I’m crawling out the baseline and I’m a radio operator. The P-392, and the cursed bad weather. Us by air. I hope that I’ve been passionate for the group and I hope so much for … for a couple of days with you. I’m banging on my hair The rest had a lot worse.

And finally, I’ll tell you what it meansScout Nutrition Features

I was discharged from the hospital. I am a senior lieutenant intelligence officer from the Internal Troops. It seems to be cold, kebabs, greens, lemonade, nudite and nudite. What are we, specialists, steeper than their scouts? And he tries to show his steepness. I’m worse than the prosecutor. I ask him:
– Baby, do you consume frogs?
It wasn’t hesitated and it wasn’t anyway.
– Come on, – I say, – go, catch amphibians.
He was caught in a plastic bag.
Then began to act on my instructions. There are no signs of regal blood.
Then he has stripped them. He did not sprayed the unfortunate carcass with ashes. In short, he cooked them and he doesn’t dare to eat. Here his crowd motivates …
“UUU, and we were screaming, we’ve been eating frogs here.”
He was so asked.
It was a chance to survive. Finally, he thought about the barbecue. Young pork on the bone, with a crust of bubbling, mineral water and lemon pickled, sprinkled with herbs. Well, here we are the elder bon appetite, grunted, began to bite with steaming meat.
– Do not you eat frogs? – starley puzzled.
– Whats a normal meal? We are idiots, or what? – I replied older.
You know how we differ …

So, what I told you: “If there is a kebab (stew, crackers, noodles, the list is endless), why does he need frogs and gnawing bark from the trees?” is brains!
It may not coincide with many others.

Features nutrition scout in the conflict zone. Part 3

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