Features of accounting products in the campaign, their distribution among the participants of the camping trip for carrying.

Making a layout before the trip is only half the battle. A variety of products, the unevenness of their consumption, the presence of casting, the strength of the participants – all this requires reliable accounting of products and the correct distribution of cargo among backpacks. Cargo distribution card will help with this trip.. 

Features of accounting products in the campaign, their distribution among the participants of the camping trip for carrying.

In the card we add the composition of the group for tents or for ligaments, crews and so on. In the side columns we place the lists of products and equipment and their mass for the entire trip or for the section of the path between castings. In one of the bottom lines, calculating the total mass of equipment and products, we determine the mass of all public cargo.

carried their bivy equipment, and the ligaments in the mountain hike – the bulk of the special equipment with which they will have to work. The mass of equipment is recorded in a cage under the appropriate name. The cell is previously divided by a slash in half. We put the mass of equipment under the line. The upper half of the cage will remain for accounting products, it may be empty, but by the position of the number under the line we always find out that this is a mass of equipment.

After the equipment is distributed, we summarize and down in the column the mass of equipment write down the mass of public equipment per each participant. Since the equipment (except gasoline) is not consumed during the campaign, you should try to distribute it evenly or, even better, in proportion to the carrying capacity. Now, subtracting the mass of equipment from the mass of public cargo (backpack), we get a lot of products, which should be for each particular tourist. This part of the work is usually done by the leader and outfitter of the campaign. Next comes the turn of the manager to account for products.

He has to distribute the products between people. The mass of each package must be recorded in a cage under the corresponding name above the slash, if the mass of equipment fell in the same cage, or in the middle if the cage is empty. On this preliminary work is completed. On the route, as products are consumed, appropriate changes must be made to the card, and in the lower column, consumption should be noted the decrease in the weight of each participant’s backpack.

Thus, the manager at any time can find out how many products are left, who they have, and at the same time gets the opportunity to evenly unload backpacks. If one of the participants falls ill or goes badly, the delivery manager together with the leader will be able to quietly, so as not to offend the pride, unload him. Useful advice is better to draw a card on thick paper, and write numbers in pencil.

Based on materials from the book Camping Food.
Alekseev A.A.

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