Features of cold smoked fish in the field, the basic requirements.

When cold smoked, the fish is treated with cold smoke. If the fish is smoked in limbo, it must be tied up with twine, as it can fall apart. Moreover, the process of cold smoking lasts several days, or even a week, in contrast to hot smoking. 

With this method of cold smoked fish, it is also required to maintain an even mode of smoke formation, only in this case the temperature of the smoke should not exceed 25 degrees. Saturated smoke must flow into the smokehouse constantly. The thrust should be such that the coals do not go out, but not too strong, otherwise the fire will ignite and the fish will be hopelessly spoiled.

there should be a thick, slightly warm smoke.

Basic requirements for cold smoked fish in the field.

– Sawdust should smolder, not burn, otherwise it will be hot smoked, and the fish will fall apart and turn out to be tasteless.
– The distance from the burning place to the fish in the smokehouse should not exceed 1 meter, otherwise the product will also be spoiled.
– You constantly need to monitor the smoking process so that the sawdust does not catch fire, otherwise you will get fried-smoked fish.
– It is better to use sawdust of fruit and fruit trees, especially a pleasant smell give cherry sawdust.

Simple smokehouse for cold smoked fish in the field.

In camping conditions, you can use a very simple smokehouse. It will require a sheet of roofing iron, an old holey enameled tank and several steel bars. All this can be taken with you fishing. At the bottom of the tank, several additional holes must be made. From the fittings you need to cut three racks along the length of the tank. You also need to make several rings along the diameter of the tank, their number will depend on the volume of the tank. Then the rings must be welded to the racks and on them to make a lattice of thin steel wire.

All this can be done at home, and then, going fishing, take with you. Already in place you need to dig a pit for a fire. Coals are burned in it. From improvised materials you need to build a fireplace, so that later on it could be placed a sheet of iron. Freshly caught fish should be cleaned, gutted, sprinkled with salt, left for 30 minutes. Then clear of salt residues, decompose on wire racks. On a red-hot sheet of iron, put a pinch of sawdust, shavings of alder, birch, oak.

From above you need to quickly put the structure with fish and cover it with a tank. The gaps between the sheet of iron and the edges of the tank can be sprinkled with earth. As soon as smoke appears from the holes in the bottom of the tank, you can start the countdown. Small fish will be ready in 15-20 minutes. This smokehouse is good in that its device does not require much effort and it will not be a pity to hide it in the place of constant fishing, so as not to carry with you constantly.

Duration of cold smoked fish in the field.

If the salted fish has previously dried, it can be smoked in a cold way for 1–6 days, depending on the size of the fish. When the pike is smoked, first it must be kept for 3 days in brine, then cut along the back and remove the spinal bone. After this, the fish should be stretched on sticks and rubbed with salt with a small amount of nitrate, soot. The cold process may take 8–12 days, depending on the size of the fish. After smoking, the pike must still be left for a short time in the air for drying..

The process of cold smoked fish is quite complex and lengthy, and you can master it only on your own experience. It may not be possible the first time to achieve the desired result and get a first-class smoked product, but you always need to start somewhere. Only through trial and error can mastery be achieved.

Based on materials from the book “Fishing and Hunting Cuisine. Bowler, bonfire and night sky “.
Nesterova A.

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