Features of cooking porridge at the stake in a camping trip, the ratio of water and cereals when cooking soups and porridge.

To facilitate the preparation of delicious porridge on a camping trip will help knowledge of the ratio of weight and volume occupied by different cereals, as well as the ratio of water and cereals during cooking. 

Features of cooking porridge at the stake in a camping trip, the ratio of water and cereals when cooking different cereals.

The usual half-liter mug includes (in grams).

, baking sheet or at the bottom of a free pan. After this, the grains of the cereal become harder, they do not crack and crumble during cooking. Then buckwheat is poured into salted boiling water and boiled until tender. It usually takes 30-40 minutes.

When cooking friable buckwheat there is no need to follow the clock so strictly as when cooking friable rice. The readiness of porridge is determined by eye and taste. It should be noted that if more water is taken for friable rice, then for friable buckwheat porridge, you need to take less, namely 2-3 mugs per cup of cereal.

Cooking millet porridge on a camping trip.

The peculiarity of the preparation of millet porridge is as follows. Millet contains a flour that imparts a bitter taste to porridge. Therefore, before cooking, millet groats should be thoroughly washed in cold, and preferably in warm water, rubbing in the palms of the hands. So, millet is washed 3-5 times, each time draining water. If the conditions of the bivouac do not allow the millet to be washed, it is better to boil some other porridge, and put the millet to another time. After millet is thoroughly washed, it can be cooked by first doing the following. Pour millet with boiling water so that the water covers it a little, quickly bring to a boil and drain the water.

Cooking Vermicelli on a Camping Trip.

Vermicelli, like boiled rice, must be cooked strictly by the hour. It is poured into salted boiling water, brought to a boil and boiled for exactly 8 minutes, after which it is drained. If you digest the vermicelli, you get a mess. You can eat it, of course, but this dish is unlikely to be tasty..

Cooking peas, beans and beans on a camping trip.

Peas, beans and beans should not be boiled in pre-salted water. They already boil for a very long time up to 3 hours. Due to their lengthy preparation, they are usually consumed either on day-care or in stationary camps. Or in cases where the group disperses to perform tasks along radial routes, and someone stays in the base camp for cooking. Peas, beans and beans are not good for a busy, busy day. It takes too long to cook..

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