Features of hot smoking of fish in the field, smoking of large and small fish, hot smoking in the pit.

When smoked, fish is exposed to hot smoke. The result is a cooked-smoked-baked product with a specific mouth-watering aroma. Hot smoked fish smokehouse can be arranged on a steep bank or in a ravine. To do this, you can use stones, pieces of turf, or just earth. Details about the construction of the smokehouse in the field are written on this page..

The length and width of the smokehouse will depend on the amount of firewood to get coal and fish caught. Coals are needed the same as for smoking game. First, coals are fired, chips, sawdust and small branches of deciduous trees without leaves are scattered over them. Smoked fish takes on a golden hue from birch, while from alder it becomes darker, but with a richer taste. 

Features of conducting hot smoking of fish in the field, smoking of large and small fish, hot smoking in a pit.

To hang fish for hot smoking in the chamber or to lay it out there it is not necessary too tightly so that the smoke spreads evenly around the carcasses and processes them from all sides. Periodically, you need to check the condition of the fish and, if necessary, turn it over. Sparkling branches should be sprayed with water, from time to time adding fresh branches to the bonfire, and if necessary, even slightly inflating damping coals.

a smokehouse bought in a store, you can also very quickly cook smoked fish, such as stuffed carp. To do this, going fishing, you need to bring a smokehouse, a small supply of oak logs, fresh cabbage, onions, peppers, salt and mayonnaise. Carps should be 500-1000 g each. Captured carps must be cleaned and gutted. Finely chop the cabbage, mix with chopped onions and mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Stuff the resulting mass of carps, place in a prepared smokehouse. After 20 minutes, the stuffed smoked carp will be ready.

Duration of hot smoked fish in the field.

The duration of the hot smoked fish will depend on the design of the smokehouse. And you can only determine this time by experience, and skills are acquired very quickly. After 2-3 attempts, the skill and the necessary skill will come. Depending on the size of the fish, its quantity and the effectiveness of the smokehouse, the duration of hot smoking of fish on average can last from 10-15 minutes to 1 hour.

Based on materials from the book “Fishing and Hunting Cuisine. Bowler, bonfire and night sky “.
Nesterova A.

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