Features of power intelligence in the conflict zone

“To make a soldier fight, he must be fed, clothed, shod, trained, and then sent to the task”

Power scout

“We would eat

At first it was an article about Scout Nutrition Features with the calculations of energy calories Specialists of food services, nutritionists, doctors and other okolovoenny people were involved in writing. The article was written, reviewed and approved by the big authorities. I tried to read it in the first paragraph. And if I fall asleep while reading something, it means that I was forced to read. Therefore, I myself will argue, recalling the experience and business experience.

It is a group of people who are in the field of transport. dry rationfor a period of so days. What does this package include? What is he all about? If there were standards, it can be a little bit hot. Let’s look at what we have at the moment.

In the United States of America, the so-calledgreen rations“It was the most important thing to do.” I’m not a business woman, but she’s not a business woman. “LM” and a chocolate bar, “However, he didn’t. Scent and aggravated instincts on every” freebie “, I’m not lost absolutely. Two In the United States of America, it has been a raid on the airfield.

I found out who they are. Indeed, my “persons” Rations !!! New !! For the experiment! In the short, we don’t have such rations … After fifteen minutes my brave scouts flew up at KAMAZ.

Chapter one

Two hours later, the scout is stamped with a gun. There are several boxes that were drawn from the body.

After the bath, it was recommended. It is a good idea to eat it.

For the military, it was developed. Write down the reviews, fill out the questionnaires and go back with all this. When the observed deficiencies are eliminated, the production new rations will launch at full capacity. That’s it. I was shown these newest rations, which later became famous under the slang name “green“What did they represent?” It should be noted that During the second counterterrorist operation.

  • Lid – canned meat and cereal, mainly for meat, buckwheat, rice, barley, canned meat, cereals.
  • Square jar with stew. Beef and pork stew It is often a label with the inscription “Spicy Pork”.
  • A small round jar with minced meat (mostly – “Sausage”) or with “Hepatic” pate. Both pate are both heated and cold.
  • A small round jar of canned fish, the opinions are divided here. Basically, there are some fish salads in it, but it is already in the LDPE.
  • A small bag of ketchup, aka “Tomato Sauce”
  • A bag of dry concentrated milk.
  • Two bags of instant coffee (something reminiscent of a mixture of “Nescafe” and “Pele”) or two bags of instant coffee.
  • A bag of dry concentrated drink is either “Lemon” or “Dolphin” (one bag). It is possible to resemble a very liquid jelly.
  • A bag of jam (usually apple).
  • Sugar in paper bags (usually two packs).
  • Well, a multivitamin in paper packaging. There were rations with a couple of candies, usually stuck together, melted and very sweet.

It is a process that leads to the process: “Chew, drink water”. At first, the scouts tried to gnaw at him valiantly. Did not like. But there wasn’t found it. Pressed peas can be gently sliced ​​with porridge or stew. You can crush a few tiles, only you can crush a few tiles, because you don’t swell or dissolve. Pour boiling water, stir and add the stews – you get quite edible pea porridge. Briquettes for any furniture or heating furnaces.

Then there are the packs of the army bread – they are biscuits, dry, slightly unleavened biscuits, often broken and cracked right in the packages. Bread, even alcohol, of course, they will not come. The soldiers are usually soaked and they are tasted. Also not bad, these biscuits burn in the fire, or in the stove, and much more than the peas. Well, a small bag of raisins, among which comes across a lot of dry grape twigs.

A very useful thing is a canned predator. It’s a thinnest piece of hair. And there are metal, similar to a small piece of zinc cutter. These are much more convenient and practical. And, of course, a small plastic green spoon.

A very fashionable and useful thing is a “portable heater”, also known as a taganok. A tin with slots cut into it. It is a natural way to make it to the taganok. Awesome sprayed water around the edge. It can be inflamed with us. It is a “warmer” that has been a stitidly, and strongly unmasking the group. There are also a lot of “hunting” that can be seen.

And, finally, wipe the face.

All this magnificence was called Individual diet. They went under the indices of B (combat) and P (everyday). Later, such rations were of the Second Chechen Company. But if you are not met at all. With such rations, almost all parts are now provided in daily activities. For example, I will give you the IRP-P used in the Siberian Military District.


  1. Army crispbread – 6 \ 50 g. 5. Fruit jam – 2 \ 45 g. 9. Polyvitamins – 1 pc.
  2. Canned meat-1 \ 250 g. 6. Concentrate for a drink – 1 \ 25 g. 10. heater to 1k-t.
  3. Canned stuffing -1 \ 100g 7.Tai soluble with sugar -2 \ 16 11. Napkins made of paper – 3 pcs.
  4. Canned meat and cereal-2 \ 250 g. 8. Sahar -2 \ 15g. 12. The opener canned.-1pcs.

Well, this composition IRP-B Chechen option
IRP-B is completed in accordance with TU 9104-367-004605473-99


  1. Bread “Army” 1/50
  2. Canned meat 1/250 g.
  3. Dry milk drink 1/30 g.
  4. Instant coffee 1/2 g
  5. Sugar 1/15 g.
  6. Lime caramel 2 pcs.
  7. Siberian Caramel 1 pc.
  8. Multivitamins 1 pc.
  9. Preheater 1 pc.
  10. Paper napkins 1 pc.
  11. Sanitary napkins 1 pc.
  12. Matches 6 pcs.
  13. Spoon plastic 1 pc.
  14. Opener (for canned food) 1 pc.
  15. Akvatabs 1 pc.


  1. Bread “Army” 2/50
  2. Canned meat 1/100 g.
  3. Canned meat and vegetables 1/250 g.
  4. Tomato sauce 1/60 g
  5. Fruit dried 1/20 g
  6. Concentrate for drink 1/25 g.
  7. Sugar 3/15 g
  8. Paper napkins 1 pc.
  9. Sanitary napkins 1 pc.
  10. Akvatabs 1 pc.


  1. Bread “Army” 1/50
  2. Canned fish 1/100 g.
  3. Concentrate food briquetted 1/60 g.
  4. Jam 1/45
  5. Tea with sugar 1/16 g.
  6. Paper napkins 1 pc.
  7. Sanitary napkins 1 pc.
  8. Akvatabs 1 pc.

Nutritional value: proteins – 115 g, fats – 147 g, carbohydrates – 353 g
Energy value: 3191 kcal

Agree IRP-P no longer compared with IRP-B, there is not even a wonderful pea briquette.

I have been allocated a conscript-castle platoon to the elders. Go Green rations develop soldiers’ stomachs throughout the conflict zone. My scouts, accustomed to eat as “smarter” as you get it, cooked their soups, frying potatoes and meat, shamelessly changing the “diesel” for food, normal tea , sausage, cheese, cigarettes. After leaving the 324th motorized rifle regiment, the “food workers” were wounded.

– I’m making it my life! is it possible? Why they our rations do not eat?

I had to explain the truths that have become. If the unit performs the task, then, despite the presence of “fashionable” packages, it’s still used. There is a real opportunity to buy normal products. Meat, vegetables, bread, cereals, pasta. Water can be gained more than when performing the task on foot. It is a normal BTR driver for you to get a quick breeze.

For example, it is a small tanker for a gas cylinder filled with a gas cylinder. Yes, there is, of course, an undermining of the cylinder during firing or exploding. But soberly reflect? A cylinder in the armor of a grenade launcher, then there will be no time for the balloon. All water guns, canisters, plastic drums, and RDV rubber water tanks. So, if there is an opportunity to prepare normal food, which favorably differs from the canteen “gruel”, then why not. In each group, it is the most intelligent and adapted for cooking. For people who have been in the world, they have been able to learn how to “earn”. They also engaged in “blanks” before exits.

Shurpy with potatoes, onions, spirits and jerks. If it is a cauldron, it will be a lot of cauldron.

It is just the case for foodstufflers. Here, of course, I received, but my wishes were recorded. Then, listen to a bunch of the same wishes. It has been seen that it has been the case for some of the factors that have been taken. terms of assortment and products.

Soon, several tasks for the company. It was then that I had to run in new rations in full.

The outputs revealed several features in the application scout rations. It is better to keep it up. It is when they are completely warmed up. It doesn’t burn, that’s all. If you’re already going to add some frills such as onions or garlic, then it’s better to open the lid. The plastic version for canned food is absolutely unsuitable thing;

A pair of simple recipes for preparing delicious dishes from combat food ration. According to the Second Chechen, “Mo-hrya meat” and “Mu-hrya sweet.”

“Mu-hrya meat”. Recipe: Take half a kilo of steamed pork, olive oil, capers, one pineapple, and lettuce. What, no? OK then. We act more simply: we release one branch “green rationIt is a container for cooking. It can be a container for cooking. It is clear that you can eat it out. It is recommended that you use it, it’s not recommended to use it. It is a fork, a fork, a knife, a sprig, a compensator muzzle.

“Mu-hrya sweet.” Here the recipe of cooking is much more complicated. The plastic utensils are made to be in the same way as described above. Take three packs – four galettes and crush furiously, preferably to a flour-like state. Sparse biscuits are thoroughly mixed. You can add a bag of instant tea or coffee. The whole mass is brought to a uniform. When the first course is absorbed, “mo-hrya sweet” cools and crumbled biscuits swell. It turns out that there is something like a cake with a bag of jam. Fun and tasty! It is recommended that you drink and concentrate and drink well.

It was high-calorie and invigorating.

The next peculiarity of rations is inconvenience and sufficient dimensions. RD-54 is problematic. You can cram a raid backpack, but it will take up quite a lot of space. There are several solutions to the emerging “problem.” The first is to “unpack” the ration completely. Just take out all the baggage. But there is one drawback – disposable utensils.

The disassembling of the compartments. Places will take less, plus the “dishes”.

The third option is to hang around the bag, on the bag and on the bag. True, if there are some of these rations, then an intelligence officer, kicking a “raid” on his shoulders, a Christmas tree hungry Well, the inconvenience immediately arising after that. It is a time when landing and passing through. It was much easier to spend one day.

Here, in principle, about the “green” ration and everything I can say. Of course, how many people have so many opinions, because besides this ration, later his other standards and additions appeared.
In 2002, high-energy rations (C). “It’s a bit greener”, “It’s a little bit smaller,” it’s a little bit smaller. Briquette with high-calorie dry fruit mass (nuts, raisins, prunes – dried and compressed). No cans of fish and pea briquette. But there is condensed milk in a tube like toothpaste. Appeared various additives to soldering. One of them is very much introduced into the “whole” rank and file.

In concentrated plastic bags, extracts and vitamins. It tasted like divorced pomegranate or cranberry juice. There was a certain amount of alcohol in it. And the fighters, he was absorbed with the same enthusiasm. Briquettes of semolina and rice, although they tasted exactly the same.

As part of the ration, according to Ration and was issued with him. One day ration – two one and a half liter bottles. Mineral oil was from various manufacturers. It was a little bit cold. Typically, the group turned out a pair of boxes, which are sorted by backpacks. It was dirty and with flying away labels. But we have always had the main thing.

To be continued.

Features nutrition scout in the conflict zone. Part 1

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