Features of some products for a camping trip, selection and self-preparation of products for a camping trip, recipes.

Below are some of the features and nutritional value of products for a camping trip. Recipes and recommendations for self-cooking of various products for use on hikes are given.. 

Features of some products for a camping trip, selection and self-preparation of products for a camping trip, recipes.

Dry soups in bags.

They differ in a wide assortment, but it is enough for us to single out four types of soups that vary in taste. Pea, borscht and beetroot soup with tomato, chicken soups, all other vegetable, cereal and pasta soups. It is also necessary for the supply manager to focus on these types. For soups of the last, fourth group, prices per 1 kg are very important. With the exact same properties of soups, they can fluctuate greatly.

, corresponding to state standard specification. Before the mass purchase of products for the campaign, it is necessary to open a control jar (there must be meat fibers). You can’t trust massive advertising.

Freeze-dried and dried meat.

An ideal product for difficult trips, however, price and quality must be checked.

Sublimated Curd.

Ideal protein product. It is possible to use in any conditions with sugar, milk powder and extracts.

Sublimated Food Gala Gala.

They are highly digestible. Weight gain, in comparison with conventional products, is about 20%. Due to the extreme diversity, it is advisable to try out the menu before the trip. Small, 40 g packets, designed for one person, are inconvenient and not environmentally friendly. At a time, a group of eight people needs from 16 to 25 packs. With large purchases of hiking products, packages of up to 400 g can be ordered..


You can take any chocolate except porous, including filled, as well as soy bars. In the heat of chocolate melts, so it must be stored very carefully. It should be cautioned against imported and by weight, since its composition is in doubt.

Chocolate candies.

In the summer it is better to do without them. In the heat, they melt easily and turn into an inedible porridge from wrappers, fillings and chocolate. Do not take imported chocolate bars such as Snickers and Mars because of possible fakes and uncontrolled additives.


In summer, solid varieties without a pungent odor, for example, Swiss, are preferred. In the cold, cheese freezes. It is not possible to chop or heat it, so in winter processed cheese is more convenient. Cheese is good on its own, and as an addition to some dishes, for example, millet porridge, and special soup cheeses (onion, pepper) completely replace sour cream.

Margarine and light butter.

Although they are similar in many respects to butter, but they have a serious drawback they contribute to the development of stomach ulcers, so it’s better not to take them on mountain trips.


On hikes, you need to take only products from durum wheat, which are less boiled. Usually they take horns, because they do not need to be broken like pasta, and they do not boil and do not burn like vermicelli.

Dry greens.

Parsley, dill, regan (there is such an Asian herb of violet color in the markets) must be dried by ourselves, but not in the sun. Kinza and some other herbs lose their smell when dried.

Sweets, candies and caramel.

It is better to take sweets of different varieties and always in wrappers so that they do not stick together.


It is more convenient if it will be in packs or banks. Weight is harder to store and share.

Waffles and Cookies.

Valuable protein product. When they are in packages, it is more convenient to store and divide them into portions. Wafer cakes and oatmeal cookies bring a pleasant variety to the menu, especially on difficult trips..

Egg powder.

Valuable protein product. For ease of cooking, you can don’t fry omelets from it, but boil it with soup, preferably in an autoclave, where boiling does not destroy their structure.

Vermicelli and other instant products in packs and glasses.

They are not suitable for hiking due to the large volume, poor packaging and questionable quality of fat and taste packets. Exception – buckwheat and porridge Bystrov.

Structured Soy Products.

Stuffing, goulash, entrecote and more. They have low digestibility, carcinogenic impurities are possible if the manufacturer violates the technology. Unsuitable for hiking.

Recipes for self-cooking products for hiking.

Not all hiking products can be bought in the store, so tourists have to do a lot of things themselves.

Black crackers recipe.

We cut a loaf of black bread into 1 cm thick slices. Dry whole slices or halves in the air, then put in the oven and keep at a temperature not exceeding 150 degrees. Rusks can be salted and soaked in vegetable oil. Cutting bread into small pieces (croutons) is unprofitable, since they take up a lot of space and crumble.

Meat Filling Recipe.

Put the meat in boiling salt water and cook for 20-30 minutes until the red color disappears. Then we separate from the bones and together with the onion pass through a meat grinder. Minced meat is overcooked with a lot of edible fat, better – pork. From 5 kg of meat with bones, after overcooking with 500 g of fat, about 2.5 kg of prepared meat is obtained. 100 g of such stuffing contains about 375 kcal. Stuffing is suitable for hiking in the cold season. In winter, it must be divided into portions in advance, since it freezes in the cold. (Recipe V.P. Nesterova).

Recipe for Entrecotes.

Any meat cut into pieces and carefully beaten, fry in a large amount of fat. The boiling point of fat is above 100 degrees, so the water evaporates and is replaced by fat. Like minced meat, entrecotes are suitable for hiking in the cold season..

Cooking Dried Camping Products.

Meat, vegetables, even tomatoes can be prepared in ovens or on homemade heaters described in the tourist literature. Some vegetables can be dried in ovens at temperatures below 100 degrees or on central heating batteries.

Recipe for Oatmeal Cookies.

Mix 2 cups of oatmeal Hercules, 1 cup of granulated sugar, 100 g margarine; fry in a pan for 10-15 minutes until a brown color appears; pour the hot mass onto parchment or in a greased form and divide into fractions until it hardens. (Recipe V.L.Kozlova).

Climbing Cookies Recipe.

For 1 kg of cookies, butter is required 200 g, buckwheat honey 200 g, eggs – 2 pcs, sugar – 1.5 cups, flour – 3.5 cups, soda 0.5 teaspoon. Set a bowl with butter, honey and sugar for a couple, dissolve the contents and mix, add salt and eggs. Make sure that the eggs are not brewed. Heat the mixture and mix for 3-5 minutes until a white film appears.

Remove the bowl from the steam bath, mix the mass with flour, knead the dough. If the dough is liquid, allow to cool. Cut the dough into equal pieces and roll into balls (50 pcs. Per 1 kg). Lubricate the baking sheet with butter and bake in the oven over medium heat for about 20 minutes. When storing, do not leave in the sun or in a warmed tent. (Recipe A.S. Exceed, Kiev).

Based on materials from the book Camping Food.
Alekseev A.A.

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